Unethical & Authoritarian Years In International And United States History (In My Opinion Based Upon Researched Facts)

In the 1600s, North America had an influx of Europeans to its shores of which were so-called Christians under the guise they had to flee Europe or other inhabited regions because of religious persecution when in truth there was no religious persecution but demands of the so-called Christians for the Church of England, France, etc. to conform to their beliefs of fictional gods.

1791 Foreign investors became the largest stock holders in the United States’ Financial Operations. (Allegedly, the United States Government only contributed 10 million to the establishment of a National Bank while the remain multi-millions dollars were provided by foreign investors. To this end, since 1791, foreign investors have controlled the foreign policy of the United States therefore responsible for the deaths of our ancestors, the confinement to reservations our native North Americans, the establishment of Slavery and every war or acts of aggression resulting the deaths, injuries and trillions of dollars in debt.

In the 1850s, the investors began their economic turmoil in North America and Europe. In the United States the investors attempted to divide the United States but failed due to the assistance, in part, to a Russian leader and the will of the people of the United States. In Europe they broke up the Austrian Hungary Empire that started World War I. To this end, the investors used World War I to draw the United States into the war to expedite the establishment of Jewish Nation State in Palestine.

1898 A wealthy European investor funded and directed the formation of Zionism an organization tasked to build a homeland for those of Judaism. The results of the said organization was international economic turmoil, especially in the United States, and the gathering of the International Jewry in New York City, NY to form a Jewish Army and organizations to expedite the establishment of a Jewish Nation Station in Palestine.

1913 A United States Congressional Session, during the Presidency of Woodrow Wilson, passed the Federal Reserve Act, and President Wilson, signed the Act, transferring the power of the United States to Print Money to the largest private banks and bankers in the United States whereas the Federal Reserve would replace the US States Treasury Department. Moreover, the Act authorized the Federal Reserve to be the administrators of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

1914 -191 7 Lord Rothschild, lender of funds to the British Empire, wrote Lord Balfour, the British Empire’s Foreign Secretary to request the United Nations divide the land of Palestine into two separate state; the Jewish Nation State of Israel and the State of Palestine. From said request, the United Nations decreed the British Empire would deploy military assets, British Mandate, to secure Palestine for the establishment of the two new international states.

1947 – 1948 The International Jewry Military Forces, new Jewish settlers and native born Jewish terrorists invaded the land of Palestine forcing more than 750 Palestinians into refugees statues plus the murder and wounding of unknown thousands.

1948 -1949 The newly elected US President Harry S. Truman, our country’s first traitor in my life time, used his administration to force the United Nations to decree the terrorist Jewish occupation of Palestine as the newest international country-the Jewish Nation of Palestine. Sadly, every US Presidential Administration and Congressional Session, some more than others, have used US Forces and the Federal Reserve assets to build the current Jewish Nation State of Israel. However, the Jewish State has failed to achieve the alleged Bible Prophecy of a State of Israel from the Sea to the River. To this ¬∑end, on October 7, 2923, in my opinion, the Jewish Government allowed Hamas Forces to enter Israel, with prior knowledge of the assault, to allow Jewish Forces to assume complete military control of the United Nations protected Palestinian territories.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the different Presidential Administrations and Congressional Sessions allowed the Israeli Defense Forces to attack and murder US military and civilians and occupy Arab lands. Today, October 12, 2023, the United States assured the murder of more more 16,000 Palestinians in Gaza with our continued transfer of military logistics to the terrorist Nation State of Israel.

2023 October 5, 2023, the US House of Representatives passed a Resolution equating anti-Zionism the same as anti-Semite. NO GODS OF ABRAHAM however the Republican Party and a number of Democrat traitors revealed themselves as non-United States Citizens.

There are not GODS OF ABRAHAM

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