What\’s the Difference Between the Former 3rd Reich and the Alleged Jewish State Israel?

First, should anyone read this political blog/e-mail, I want to stress beyond a reasonable doubt; the United States of America is a Constitutional Republic.  Our Republic is not now or ever been a Christian Nation.  So, please do not identify me as an anti-Semite or against the US Constitution’s First Amendment.  I do not care who or what you worship, your personal beliefs have no place in US Government Policies.

The evening of February 9, 2014, I attempted to compose a response to Mr. Rob Kall’s, Editor and Publisher of the web site OpEdNews.com, outstanding Editorial “Monuments Men, Gestapo General and Billionaires.”  However, forever the reason, my text which contained an honest response to the editorial were deleted time after time.  My effort, printed, was a one paragraph text; the real meat of the e-mail was deleted.  Do we have censorship or my computer skills lacking?

Today, February 10, 2014, I will complete my original chain of thought in e-mail form and add the address to my Political Web Site Host with the hope an American is operating the server that serves my computer.

Returning to Mr. Kall’s Editorial written based on the movie “Monuments Men” now playing in the nation’s theaters.  The movie stars George Clooney, Matt Damon, John Goodman, Kate Blanchet, and several foreign actors.  Equally interesting, Mr. George Clooney co-wrote and directed the movie.

The movie begins with the Clooney character addressing former President Franklin D. Roosevelt on the need to travel with or go ahead of allied forces in Europe to prevent, if possible, the needless destruction of historic site and perishable treasures.  President Roosevelt approved the humanitarian mission but with the stipulation, Mr. Clooney, along with his selected representatives, instead of young active duty soldiers schooled in the vocations required, would accomplish the proposed task.

The team consisted of seven member of which were a Director of Medieval Arts New York Met, an architect, a sculptor, a British Lord’s son and Frenchman versed in the arts, and a German born young American from New Jersey fluent in German, a New Yorker from the dance community, and Mr. Clooney’s character, Conversations Director Harvard’s Fogg Museum.   The team, per documented history, was supported by 300 military.

Note:  During our country’s 25 years in Southeast Asia, the Vietnam Era, our country’s military took extra efforts not to endanger historical sites and artifices, especially in the Kingdom of Laos, which were enabled by modern weaponry that allowed for precise targeting.

I watched the move three times to assure insight before I wrote of correlation between the 3rd Reich and the Socialist Nation of Israel.  For example, a scene in the movie Matt Damon’s character stated “There would be no 1000 Year Third Reich,” “No Fatherland,” and “No Fuhrer Museum.”  Another segment dealt with recovery of Michael go’s Madonna and Child.  The British Lord’s son was murdered by a NAZI Colonel while attempting to save Michael go’s one and only sculptor piece. Also, upsetting were parts filmed in Paris, France revealing the stored personal effects of French citizens of Judaism targeted and their assets forcefully taken.

As a young man brain washed for seventeen years in the teachings of the Old and New Testament and growing up in a near white population with no association with students of color, enlistment into the US Air Force followed by six years and a number of months (non-consecutive) with the department of Defense Contractor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. After Saudi Arabia employment, except for three short term employments, were under the Office of Personnel Management. Thirty five years away from Kentucky’s day to day religious indoctrination.

During childhood religious indoctrination, we learned of Hebrew Arabs claim, in Rome’s Province of Palestine (Canaan) they were the God of Abraham’s Chosen People.  From continuous religious education throughout the international community, we learned Arab forces from Mesopotamia enslaved the Hebrew Arabs.  The Mesopotamia Empire was defeated by Persia; whereas, the Hebrew Arabs were released to return to Palestine and/or remain under Persian leadership. At return to Palestine (Canaan) they called themselves Jews.

On the Arabian Peninsula, an Arab named Muhammad, with the bequeathed wealth of a deceased Arab Jew, and, of course, the wealth of Muhammad’s wife; the religion of Islam was established.  The God of Islam was the God of Abraham, same as Judaism. Muhammad was a prophet of Allah (God). Islam’s philosophy was there was no God but Allah.

And, FROM the northern CITY, GALILEE, IN THE province of Palestine, a Palestinian Arab, WHO’S mother was an alleged Jew, named Jesus was teaching a different view of Judaism.  For example, a significant change involved charity, compassion, equality and the end of aggression.

Jesus was murdered, at the behest of Jewish priests and Jewish community, by the soldiers of the Roman Empire. A primary reason for the Jewish response, allegedly, was the claim Jesus was the King of Jews. (Too me, the reason is absurd as the province of Palestine was part of the Roman Empire; whereas, Jewish Arabs were not the governing authority but an economic and opposing political power in the province.)

Approximately four hundred years, after the murder of Jesus, an Arab named Saul aka Paul began teaching assumed or myths regarding the life of Jesus and his teachings.  From Paul and the Roman emperor Constantine 1 (The Great), Christianity became the third religion, with the God of Abraham as the supreme religious entity, out of the Middle East.

Five thousand seven hundred seventy five years, to date, individuals whose religion is Judaism continue their quest for a greater Israel.

As an American and retired career military person, I am disgusted and angry that the Congress of the United States of America and most of the past presidential administrations care more for the economic and physical protection of a former mythical country of Israel and non-descendent Hebrew Arab Jew’s, now occupying Palestine, demand that Israel be accepted as a “Jewish state for Jews” in the land of Palestine.

And, like Mr. Kall’s reference to billionaires, we, Americans, can look at our own history back to the American Revolution against the British.  To this end, a primary investor in wars against humanity and the America’s was the Rothschild banking dynasty’s who’s loans and assistance to the British government and other European governments spread death and destruction around the globe.

President Andrew Jackson was the only American president to pay our country’s debts even though an unknown party paid an assassin to murder Jackson.  The assassin failed.  Jackson beat him with his cane and was captured.

President Abraham Lincoln and President John F. Kennedy weren’t so lucky.  These two presidents authorized the issue of green backs and federal notes resulting in their murders.  There is a bill in congress for a number of years asking congressional and presidential approval to audit the Federal Reserve.

One of the current owners of the Federal Reserve is the Rothschild banking dynasty, another David Rockefeller, and, of course, Chases, Morgan, etc.  To this end, how do you think Israel could build a modern up to date society, the best military in the Middle East, and maintain a socialist government?  How can the American people maintain two separate economies when one is a socialist country, without a constitution, and their final decision authority is based on RELIGION?  The answer: the American taxpayer.

In the past few days, NBC news reported the medical ailments to our military deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan due to metals detected in the soil thus the air they breathed.  Of course, the current findings are additional factors that faced our countrymen when they deployed to the Middle East in the 1990s, 2001, and 2003 due to past administrations, especially the Bush-Cheney Administration’s pursuit of oil reserves, other minerals, and support for Israel’s quest for a greater Israel.

Americans need to wake up, research truth regarding a supreme religious entity and replace the Congress of the United States of America with Americans.  To this end, I am an American that swore oaths to defend the U.S. against domestic and foreign enemies.  To date, we only have domestic enemies – individuals that believe in the god of Abraham and those of Judaism who believe they are the mythical god’s chosen people.

In May 2014 and November 2014, I would like your vote.  If elected, I will try and return our country to the dictates and spirit of the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

With respect, I remain.


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