Letter to Ms. Cross – National Right to Life Questionnaire

February 4, 2014

National Right to Life Committee
Attention: Ms. Karen Cross
512 10th Street. NW
Washington, DC 20004

Dear Ms. Cross:

Thank you for the correspondence date January 31, 2014 which I read and reread a number of times. As you will note, I did not complete your 2014 CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE based on the following:

As a young man growing up in Laurel County, Kentucky during the 1950s, my Junior High School History Teacher was noteworthy; he made history not only educational but interesting.

Supplementing the history classes, World War II returnees stories of combat, the beginning of the Korean War, and, equally important, each week we watched Walt Disney’s David Crockett, Rin Tin Tin, the Long Ranger, the Cisco Kid and the many other television programs that stressed the founder’s vision for this great nation.

We read the words of the Declaration of Independence that declared all colonists in the North American colonies were equal. There were no Royals, Chosen People, a Supreme Religious Entity or life form, we must cower before.

The Colonist developed their own currency or barter system which thrived but against the King’s Treasury and the Rothschild Banking Dynasty. To this end, a minority of the colonist, the honorable and proud, rose up against the throne and bankers to become, with the military and economic assistance of the French, a sovereign nation of the people.

From the Declaration of Independence and other outcries by the people, the US Constitution, perhaps the greatest historical governmental guidelines, was accepted by the American people and the international community as our country’s foundation.

The Constitution dictated the three branches of the Federal Government, Legislative, Executive, and Judicial, the composition of the people’s representatives and, extremely important, the citizen/legislators were to arrive in the nation’s capital, the first Monday in December.

From the Davy Crockett series, we remember when frontiersman/legislator Crockett spoke to the members of the House regarding laws and policies to be legislated by Congress. When the Congressional Session was completed, members of Congress would return to their applicable state districts. The President of the United States of America, a continuous residence in the White House and our country’s Head of State, assumed the role of as administrator of the laws and policies legislated by the Congress of the United States. Should there be an emergency or act of war against the United States, the President would recall the members of Congress to Washington. Congress would convene, address the situation, Declare War and/or appropriate the funds and issue the authority for the President to resolve the situation. Congress would return to their home districts.

The President of the United States of America is the foreign policy expert, plus many other areas of responsibilities, in lieu of Congress. Yes, Congress has oversight responsibilities and the Senate ratifies Treaties but not on a day to day basis, per the US Constitution.

Ms. Cross, in my opinion, when the Congress of the United States of America became 24/7 legislators, eliminating the citizen; we no longer have a sovereign nation governed by the people, for the people, and by the people. (Congressman Eric Cantor announced this House of Representatives will be in Washington 97 days, this Congressional Year.)

I will vote based on the dictates of the US Constitution and the spirit of the Declaration of Independence. The Federal Government has a clear and defined Constitutional role.

With respect, I remain.

Democrat Candidate, US House of Representatives, KY’s 5th US Congressional District

PS. Ms. Cross, please read my web site.

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