Zionist Control of the U.S. Government

Beginning 5890 years ago, Hebrews aka Jews started scamming the people of the Middle East with their lie they were the Chosen People of a fictitious religious entity known as the God of Abraham.

Unfortunately, over the centuries. through the conquests of the Roman Empire, the lies spread from continent to continent and eventually to the U.S. Colonies where they demanded special consideration as God\’s Chosen People.

In Europe rose a financial dynasty, the Rothschilds, that used their unlimited wealth to establish an organization known as Zionism, with a goal of establishing a homeland for Jews, and purchased the French, British and U.S. Government.

Noteworthy, the Rothschild Dynasty is the primary owner of the United States\’ Central Bank (Federal Reserve System). A Bowling Green dentist, Rand Paul, began his political career demanding answers about the Federal Reserve and U.S. support for Israel; however, with his presidential ambitions. he forgot his campaign questions.

From reading Arab news, we learned militias and militaries in countries occupied by Jews and the United States were going to initiate military action to reclaim their lands which included an Israeli Ski resort visited by U.S. and other foreign nationals.

Were the visiting U.S. citizens, the Americans Trump was saving?

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