A Congress of Traitors

Wow!  What a strong subject and charge.

The founders of our great nation were correct in ordering the members of Congress to report to the national capitol the First Monday in December to accomplish the nation’s Congressional Legislation, ratify or deny any Treaties, etc., and any other duties requiring action by at the Congressional Session.

The duly elected, by the people, was the Administrator of Congressional Policies and Programs and the Nation’s Head of State, a 24/7 duty tasking.

Future Presidential Administration’s established Summer White House’s and remained away from our seat of government for extensive periods of time.  For example, cut and removed vegetation from his property, while receiving a federal sale.

The President possesses the authority to recall Congress, when a crisis or Congressional tasking exist, and tasks members of Congress and others to carry out missions for the people, funded by Congress, and declare National Emergencies, etc.

Digressing back to date when bankers, members of Congress and other money people met to establish a Federal Reserve System; whereas, the private ownership of the Central Bank of the United States of America.

President Woodrow W. Wilson apologized for signing into Public Law the Federal Reserve System, a credit to his honor; however, Congress would have passed the Central Bank resolution with a Congressional majority bypassing presidential authority.

And, of important note, President Wilson was against the establishment of a sovereign state of Israel, in the sovereign land of Palestine.

Note:  former American and Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meyer stated of Palestine “A land without people and a people without a land.”

For the career military person, such as myself, I accepted for decades, the reason we supported South Vietnam was because of membership to the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO); however, research revealed, to my satisfaction:  Standard Oil Cooperation/the Rockefellers interest in the fossil fuel reserves in the South China Sea and Spartly Islands.

Note:  Throughout my combined years of duty in Southeast Asia, the South China Sea and Spartly Islands were frequent subjects in the Bangkok Post and the Air Force Times newspaper; September 2, 2016, an  Internet Web Site reported President Obama would address the Spartly Islands with China’s President, during the G-20 Conference.

Of late, because of medical circumstances, I began thinking more and more about Congressional involvement in the murder of Americans (September 11, 2001) and US Armed Forces members deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq plus the unknown number of  foreign nationals murdered and forever maimed by the US Military because of the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act.

In this vain, I recall a question asked to former President George W. Bush, why he removed President Saddam Hussein of Iraq?  His response, on a taped news document, “the Israeli wanted him removed.”

Did the Camp David Accords, President Jimmy Carter’s questionable actions against the United States, with the Israeli Government include a caveat to remove President Saddam Hussein?

For the uninformed, the people of Iraq are the successors to empire that enslaved Hebrew Arabs aka Jews.  Israel does not want a repeat of Arab actions.

In 1983, a number of Americans, including military retirees, were hired by McDonnell Douglas Services (MDS), under a US Department of State/US Department of Defense Contract, to support the sale of F-15 Eagle Aircraft, with operational and training packages, to the Royal Saudi Government.

Duty locations were in Saudi Arabia, my colleagues and I were selected to serve at the No. 6 F-15 Squadron, King Khalid Air Base, Khamis Mushayt, Asir Province, Saudi Arabia.

Immediately after employment, the employees were required to attend a F-15 Familiarization Course and On-the-Job Training Course, conducted by McDonnell Douglas Instructors, Saudi Culture and Customs, immunizations at the company’s clinic and the Immunization Section, Scott Air Force Base, IL, that included the anti-Anthrax vaccine, intake regiment of Pyridostigmine Bromide (PB) pills, and once, in-country, an intake regiment of anti-Malaria tables, and administrative functions, similar to those, used by an deploying US Air Force Fighter Squadron.

Since employment with MDS was an accompanied assigned, dependents wives returned to their home of record following MDS interviews; the employees remained in St. Louis, MO.

In-country, both the Northrop Aircraft Services and MDS compounds were sprayed with pesticide spray that emitted a dark, stinky black smoke to help control the many different types of insects.

Note:  whether or not the chemicals in the pest control policies or the environment at King Khalid were responsible, the pregnant wives of Northrop employees, in my opinion, were unable to deliver a child; an abnormal rate of miscarriages.

MDS called in a special team to remove Cobra’s, a group of MDS Campers, visiting the Red Sea area, had unknowingly returned the Cobras in their travel trailers.

I resigned from MDS employment in June 1989, returning home, with negative chance of being employed by another aircraft manufacturer or Department of Defense Middle East Contractor.

Early 1991, I began having unusual medical ailments, later found to be the side effects of the anti-Anthrax vaccine and PB pills, from which ailments, I filed a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Claim for Gulf War Syndrome.

The VA denied the claim because I wasn’t on active duty in the US Armed Forces; however, I was on the ten year in-active retirement reserves status subject to recall in a national emergency.

The years following, the ailments became worse; whereas, two VA physicians suggested I volunteer for a muscle biopsy.  The biopsy revealed muscle disease.

While researching symptoms on the Internet, I learned from the office of Attorney Turley, CA, including a gratis booklet, the agency for Defense Contractors to file a claim was with the US Department of Labor, Division of Longshore and Harbor Workers, Jacksonville, FL.

The US Department of Labor, in turn, filed a liability claim against McDonnell Douglas, now Boeing Aerospace, with the Missouri Division of Worker’s Compensation.

The MO Worker’s Compensation Claim had to be filed IAW with MO State Law as the employer’s business was in the State of Missouri.

Note:  utilizing the expertise from hour after hour of research to resolve the status of US Missing in Action from the Vietnam Era, I read and made copies of investigations the different US Congressional Committees, Colleges and Universities, the US Department of Veterans Affairs, and others that implicated the anti-Anthrax vaccine and PB pills with the Gulf War Syndrome; however, the collaborating finding, in my opinion, is a report by Baylor University’s Biomedical Institute that reveals:  individuals with an adverse health record (poor profile ratings) should not be administered the deployment regiment.

At the time of employment with MDS, the only known diagnosed adverse medical history was granulomatous colitis; other VA claim ratings were after MDS employment.

A fellow MDS employee, Ernest Thompson (may not be the correct spelling of Thompson) has been deceased for more than a decade.  He spent a number of years assigned in South Vietnam, during his air force career, and married a Vietnamese woman.  They were the parents of a single daughter.  His widow returned to Vietnam.

The other former employees, retired from the military, were former US Navy personnel.  The MDS F-15 senior squadron employee was a former USAF F-15 pilot employed by MDS prior to the contract.  I doubt if he served in Southeast Asia.

September 1, 2016, during a Neurology appointment, I asked the Neurologist to write a letter to Sedgwick Insurance or the US Department of Labor collaborating, in his opinion, the PB pills are responsible for the muscle disease and the anti-anthrax vaccine is responsible for the memory loss and other medical problems consistent with the Gulf War Syndrome; he responded in the affirmative and added “God Bless.”

I immediately called Mr. Robert Gooldy, Sedgwick Claims Examiner, to advice of the doctor’s letter.  He wasn’t available but I left a message.  He was supposed to return my call.  He didn’t.

Mr. Gooldy previously advise me; regardless of doctor’s letters, Sedgwick’s physicians could deny physical association between the medication and the ailments; whereas, the claim would probably not proceed.

Ms.Deanna Parker, US Department of Labor associate suggested a doctor’s letter for the claim to proceed.

Once the letter is received and dispatched to Ms. Parker and the Missouri Division of Worker’s Compensation, I have my doubts of progression, as in my opinion, the manufacturers published side effects of the PB pills and the multi-investigations into the ill effects of the anti-Anthrax vaccine should be sufficient for a just resolution.

Last week, in accordance with verbal communication with the MO Division, I requested a pre-trial hearing, in Missouri, to expedite the claim and asked if a Missouri Jury Trial was available; the answer was NO.  An MO Administrative Judge will rule on the claim.

Where does one go?

Ms. Martha Raddatz reported more than half of the 2 ½ million dispatched to Afghanistan and Iraq had filed for VA benefits; however, her report did not include the DOD Contract employees used as test subjects.

Oh, our government paid the Israeli test subjects five million dollars for their adverse ailments.

As a disgusted and disillusioned American, I doubt if the MO Division or Department of Labor will remain nonbiased but kick me to the curb; whereas, in my opinion, members of the 1998 and earlier (1970s) Congress are responsible for enhancing my death and the many others used as test subjects to protect the future deployment of US Forces to remove President Saddam Hussein.

Afghanistan is a treasure trove of mineral wealth and avenue for pipelines to carry fossil fuel across the Middle East to ports that serve Europe; whereas, the murders and mayhem benefit money investors, the private owners the Federal Reserve System and fossil fuel corporations.

Former US Secretary of State and Security Advisor Henry Kissinger’s statement “Military are stupid and pawns for foreign policy” still lingers in the halls of Congress but no none cares.

The welfare and security of our country is of no interest to most individuals identifying themselves as citizens of the United States; therefore, unless the people remove the entire House of Representatives and those US Senators on the November 8, 2016 ballot and replace with true citizens of the United States of America; the US will be at war by the end of 2017.

Moreover, the people must act soon before censors and special police units are formed to deny free speech.

With respect, I remain.

LONDON, KY 40744-7071
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