A Constitutional Republic and One People

The United States of America Is a Constitutional Republic, a nation governed by the people, for the people, of the people, managed by three branches of the Federal Government: Legislative, Executive and Judicial. The Legislative Branch consists of two chambers; the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. The members make the laws, assure oversight of the Executive Branch, approve/disapprove treaties, approve government spending, and have Impeachment powers. The Executive Branch Is the Administrator of Congressional Legislation and Policies and the Head of State.

The Judicial Branch assures compliance with the dictates of the United States Constitution. There are only two theocracy forms of government in the International community: Iran and the Vatican. The First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees the freedom to worship or not. However, there is an understood Separation of Church and State that forbids the religious community from interfering with the Federal Branches of Government.

Unfortunately, the so-called elected representatives of the people have sold their integrity and humanity to the religious community for a seat at the Federal, State, County, and City Offices. The clergy stand before their congregations spreading untruths regarding mythical religious entities that science has proven to be non-existent but know they will succeed In converts because most humans need a master. Sadly, for generations In the Red States, citizens are taught, not from historical accurate and science confirmed events/actions, but generational hand me down mythical teachings.

Judaism was developed by Hebrew Arabs with the goal of domination over other Arab ethnic tribes that would guarantee them wealth and power. Moreover, the Bible was produced at the direction of Roman Emperor Constantine I to unite the citizens of the Roman Empire under one religion; whereas, said action could eliminate paganism and want-a-be religions. Islam was formed on the Arabian Peninsula by an Arab named Mohammed, using the wealth and property of a deceased Hebrew-Arab friend and his wife\’s money and resources. Mohammed\’s religious doctrine came from the Wahhabi Clan. However, in the 21st Century, the House of Saud Is the government and the Wahhabi\’s control Sunni Islam.

The TREASON of President Harry S. Truman, the British Empire\’s Lord Balfour, appeasement to Soviet Jews by Soviet Supreme Leader Joseph Stalin and the Rothschild Banking Dynasty are responsible for the terrorist State of Israel. President Jimmy Carter\’s Camp David Accords led us to today\’s state of international terrorism. September 14, 2016, several different news agencies reported President Obama approved the much-awaited support plan, dating back to former President Jimmy Carter\’s Camp David Accords, for a decade of gratis tax payers money that didn\’t meet the expectations of Congress and the Israeli lobby.

The non-Americans were seeking a decade of a minimum of 4.5 billion dollars annually plus other monetary perks from Congress, not stipulated In the support package. President Obama would not exceed 3.8 billion dollars, an Increase of 700 million dollars, and added to the percentage of monies allocated that had to be expended for US purchases. Of course, most Americans, have no Idea the money and employment contracts, the different Presidential Administrations, especially former President Ronald Reagans, have provided the State of Israel, without regard to unemployment In the United States.

As a military retiree, the number of military personnel murdered or lives forever Impaired In the defense of the State of Israel is un-Constitutional and disgusting. The gratis money provided by the US Government and the tax free donations, guaranteed by the Internal Revenue Service, to the State of Israelis appalling and lacks common sense. For example, here we have the Christian community In the United States supporting a nation of which an ethnic group of the Jews were responsible for the arrest and complicit in the murder of a Palestinian named Jesus.

The physical land, air, and seas, encompassing the United States of America, gave life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to every citizen born In this country, no myth formed to pursue wealth and power has merit. For the foreign national that came to the United States, legal or Illegal, the United States of America Is the home of citizens of the United States; whereas, you are welcome to receive the bounty of our country but you must adhere to the dictates of the US Constitution and the Spirit of the Declaration of Independence.

Moreover, if you choose a religion or some other master that take away your loyalty to the United States; then, you are Invited to depart the United State of America.

On November 8, 2016, the people\’s one responsibility comes due that assures the United States remain a Constitutional Republic and One People – VOTE.

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