Separation of Church and State

Early afternoon September 16, 2023, I received a telephone call from a Luce Research employee asking ifl would respond to a Political Survey, I responded Yes!
Earlier, the same date, I watched a Political Advertisement supporting the Republican Candidate for Governor who happens to be the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Attorney General.
September 15, 2023, I believe, was Jewish New Year. Congressman Ted Lieu, US Congressman California, Hollywood District, wished his supporters Happy Holiday prior to answering questions on the “Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell” MSNBC Television.

September 17, 2023, I spent several hours on the Internet to learn of updated material and reading decade old World Books to ascertain the differences in history especially when the truth can revised when you own the print and publication companies and, course, the US Media and Entertainment Industry:

The events cited above rekindled the hours of religious brainwashing I endured during the first seventeen years of life. To this end, I recall members of the clergy preaching and/or teaching the story of Abraham’s travel from Ur, present day Iraq, to Palestine (Canaan). The travel and mission, allegedly, was tasked by one of the multiple fictional supreme entities (GODS) of the region and period in history. Unfortunately, the journey to the destination was not one of peace but of aggression that expanded at the arrival in Canaan where murder of the indigenous and destruction of their property and resources prevailed and, of course, the kidnapping of child bearing women. But wait, even as a young person, the ministers could not be telling the audience that it was legal to kill and steal while the laws of the United States and international community, from the days of Hammurabi’s Code, prohibited said acts against mankind but they were and, allegedly, do so to date.

In the paragraph above, I addressed the multiple GODS worshiped in Ur prior to the alleged Abraham receiving a voice message for one of the GODS. (Today, in the United States a number of individuals have been found to be mentally ill for their allegations that GOD told them to commit crimes or whatever the situation.) I don’t know the number of centuries that have past since the alleged conversations between Abraham and GOD and I don’t care enough to learn from Internet sources. Therefore, to the point; in the year 2023, the alleged GODS OF ABRAHAM is the major religions in the United States. For example, the GODS OF ABRAHAM do not govern/dictate the lives of one religious sects but three: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Wow! The thousand of past years of death and destruction caused by the alleged believe in multiple GODS has not changed.

As I posted in a previous blog during my employment in the Kingdom of Saudi under a US State Department Foreign Sales Program I was asked to write a history of Saudi Arabia for one of the senior officers of the Royal Saudi Air Force. To this end, having no detailed history of Saudi Arabia other than the country orientation I received a Northrop and McDonnell Douglas Headquarters, I immediately took leave of my duties in the NO. 6 F-15 Squadron and began research in the King Khalid Air Base’s Library, purchased Saudi Historical Publication from a Khamis Mushayt, Saudi Arabia book store plus recalled the company sponsored sight seeing tours of the Asir Province and the Saudi Museum located near the Red Sea.

Wow, what I learned about the Arabian Peninsula and the formation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was amazing especially the migration of life forms from the African continent and the formation of the three religions cited above. For example, all three of the cited religions were the administrative and verbal results of Hebrews. Right away the reader will declare foul because of Islam however the alleged founder of Islam – Muhammad – was the individual that was granted title as the founder of Islam. The truth which is confirmed by the Saudi Government is that Muhammad developed a friendship with a wealthy Hebrew that resided on the Arabian Peninsula. From this friendship grew in to more than just a neighbor but one of extend periods resident in caves and other periods of close encounter. Where they discussed whatever which one must assume the Hebrew’s religion as if you read the Koran; Jesus is addressed more than Muhammad in the Koran and, today, the Saudi Government has a special tomb for the burial of Jesus. In truth the Koran is a revised edition of Hebrew teachings set forth by Saul aka Paul responsible for Christianity based on his version of the alleged Jesus. Equally important, at the death of the Hebrew, Muhammad inherited the Hebrew’s wealth, property and married one of the Hebrew’s daughters.

For the record: The three Gods of Abraham were the initiated and developed by Hebrews.

And, from said research, we learned the founder of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia visited the different wealthy areas of population on the Arabian Peninsula and chose a wife from wealthy Hebrew families whereas from said marriage he united the Arabian Peninsula into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Today, for example, the current ruling family of Saudi Arabia is is bin Salman Family. The Hebrew mother of the Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman has brought the long hidden Hebrew Ancestry to the forefront but apparently not to the people of Saudi Arabia. The original announcement of Hebrew aka Jewish history was disclosed by Prince Faisal prior to becoming King Faisal.

For the record: Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman and the Prime Minister of Israel are comrades in arms and are a threat to future peace in the Middle East.

Also, from said research, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has enough different minerals to sustain itself after the depletion of it’s oil reserves plus being the home of Islam, the Kingdom receives billions of dollars from tourism.

Early, I wrote about the ancient life forms that migrated on to the Arabian Peninsula from the African Continent today the Kingdom has brought in the different scientific communities from France, Saudi Arabia, and other countries to investigate and record the travels to and from Arabian Peninsula. To date, the cited communities have discovered and recorded human and animal life form;s fossil footprints of more than 100,000 years. In addition, civilizations have been found that were built by the same ethnic group in Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Equally interesting, the researchers have learned life forms had crossed Arabia from Africa to another destination but footprints also confirmed the return of life forms to Saudi Arabia.
Now a brief history on the breakup of Islam: at the death of the Prophet Muhammad (Muhammad was elevated to Prophet for his alleged founding of Islam), there was a bitter period between the Royals and the Wahaab Family (religious dictators) and the senior Islam clergymen. The House of Saud and the Wahaabs won thus the separation of Islam into the Shiites and Sunnis. The Royals are Sunnis while the Iranian and others are Shiites.

FOR THE RECORD: The breakup of Islam is no different from Christianity and Judaism as these religions are also noted for their breakup into different sects. For example, Christians in Europe came to North America not because of alleged persecution but they opposed their state religion and/or wanted to allow their self interests ahead of the state or dominant religion of their former country.

NOTE; The Gods of Abraham are a scam that evolved to achieve power over a population and receive wealth from said power. A FRAUD.

From true international history, we know of the centuries of religious wars by the warring parties that used religion to dominate the uneducated population. Finally, following the Religious Crusades, the ideal of a Hebrew dominant Middle East began to wane. Unfortunately, in 1898, a wealthy European funded and directed the establishment of Zionism. Zionism’s goal was to establish a homeland for those of Judaism (Hebrews aka Jews aka Israelis). The Zionist Movement, with the maximum support from France, Great Britain and the United States produced a Nation State of Israel on occupied land belonging to the original indigenous people of Palestine. Today, in a number of western countries, especially the United States, individuals of Judaism have special benefits such as maintaining a standing reserve military for the Nation State of Israel. Equally noteworthy, from the Presidential Administration of Harry S. Truman, the United States’ government, during different Presidential Administration and Congressional Sessions have built the Nation State of Israel on the occupies lands of Palestine. (Some Presidential Administrations and Congressional Session have been less favorable to the unlimited support for the Hebrew/Jewish/Israeli terrorist than others.) Also, currently, the US Department of Defense has a major military command (Central Command) at the cost of trillions of dollars and unnecessary deployment of US Forces to protect the Nation State of Israel.

FOR THE RECORD: The Security of Israel does not equate to the security of the United States whereas the only reason for the United States’ Governments support for Israel is due to the religious traitors in the United States that adhere to centuries old lie that Hebrews, Jews, Israelis are gods chosen people. Thankfully, there are NO GODS. I’m an atheist; believe what you want and worship you big toe if you will which is guaranteed by the First Amendment however the First Amendment does not guarantee one’s right to support any entity whether a make believe God or not whose doctrine, policies, goals, etc. are to destroy all governments and become the dictator of the international community under the guise of religion.

The Palestinian and other Arab ethnic tribes are denied a homeland along side Israel as promised in 1947. The current Joseph R. Biden’s President Administration is denying Palestinian Statehood.

My opinion of the clergymen visually identified in the Republican Governor’s Campaign is that they are deadbeats and traitors to the United States. To this end, I remember from childhood my mother allowing an alleged traveling revival minister and his wife to reside at our home and mother, sister and I driving to and from the alleged ministers tent revival meeting in East Bernstadt, KY. In truth, the alleged minister wasn’t a minister nor was his female companion his wife.

Since my return to London from my employment career I’ve learned of several individuals declaring themselves ministers and others attending a religious university or trade school to scam the people without having to work a forty hour week. If the alleged ministers had gone to a real school and actually studied true history, watched scientific documentaries and didn’t go hear a liar on the pulpit, the alleged ministers would not be ministers fleecing the people and cause intense mental harm to other individuals.

My anger and charges of TREASON not only go to the religious ministers but to all politicians, especially Donald J. Trump and the current Republican Candidate for Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Donald John Trump is identified in the political community as the Messiah or Jesus. (If Trump was in an Islamic country claiming to be the Messiah, he would be killed.)

The subject of this Blog was “Separation of Church and State” to which unless our government complies with the meaning the United States is doomed because the majority of the population do not give a damn about the United States; self interest prevails in the majority.

Yes, of course the politicians want to avoid enforcing the separation because as long as they deny the truth’ the longer they and their political party will remain in power.

There are NO GOD OF ABRAHAM OR ANY OTHER GOD THROUGHOUT HISTORY. Yes, our planet has been and continues to be visited by aliens from whether on our planet or the billions of
planets above our heads. Of course, most, if anyone that reads this blog will not care as they are only interested in their personal gain not the future of the United States nor the welfare of their family members. Yes, there are a handful of Kentuckians that care for the United States.

Oh lastly:

The United States is a Constitutional Republic.

The legal historical title of the United States is the United States. The United States of America is an error created by a Quaker Delaware drafting the Articles of Confederation.

The religious community over the years have changed our motto from “Out of Many, One” to IN GOD WE TRUST.


Thank you.
With respect, I remain.

Billy Ray Wilson
Defender of the US Constitution

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