Taliban Recaptures Their Homeland

August 14, 2021, the Taliban recaptured their homeland after twenty years of occupation by North Atlantic Treaty Organization nations, especially the United States of America\’s forces, at which a Taliban Commander interviewed stated \”the world would be under Islamic Law-no hurry.\” The title of their nation would remain, as before \”the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.\”

The tragedy behind the outcome in Afghanistan could be made crystal clear should the public be shown the deal, in Doha, between the Trump administration and Taliban leaders. The Trump administration by-passed the Afghan government with their Taliban Deal to end US Forces in Afghanistan. For those assigned to Project 404, during the Vietnam War, and the fall of Saigon in 1975 see the failure of the US State Department and the powerful eight in the Congress of the United States.

And, from my own writings published in the Candidate\’s Blog and by the Sentinel¬≠-Echo newspaper, I will resubmit the following: The First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees the right to worship but does not guarantee the right to support through whatever source an entity or entities that advocate the overthrow of international governments, especially the United States government. The three major Abrahamic Gods of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam advocate the destruction of international governments that would be replaced by one of the three cited. To this end, in my opinion, any citizen or resident of the United States that supports the overthrow of the US government or the so-called Rapture being called for by religious groups, are no more than traitors to the United States. Moreover, any elected member or appointed individual to one of the three branches of the Federal Government that supports a foreign religious entity should be impeached and, if found guilty, should face Capital punishment. No dual citizenship in the United States, especially based on religious affiliation.

Another OEN article, same reading date, Subject: \”Taliban Falsely Called an Insurgency! Taliban WAS the Government of Afghanistan When USA Invaded in 2001,\” written by Jay Johnson, is an equally important document that should be read by defenders of the United States Constitution. Please go to: https://www.opednews.com/articles/Taliban-Falsely-Called-an-by-Jay-Janson-The_American_War_Against_Afghanistan-210813-681.html

The referenced article above primarily deals with the President Jimmy Carter\’s Administration\’s un-Constitutional actions, in my opinion, against the people of the United States and the international community but I suspect to Carter\’s benefactors such as the late David Rockefeller and other investors seeking to harvest the unknown trillions of dollars of untapped minerals and rights to build oil pipelines crisscrossing Afghanistan.

The untapped mineral wealth came to international forefront during the occupation of Afghanistan by the former Soviet Union and, from news media reports, briefed to the President George Herbert Walker Bush but not overtly acted upon by the Bush administration.

Fast forward to President George Walker Bush and Richard Chaney\’s administration; they acted on the untapped minerals and order the invasion of Afghanistan however., the administration\’s administrators of Afghanistan failed to acquire the rights to the minerals but did succeed with the building of oil pipelines throughout Afghanistan.

But wait, President Saddam Hussein of Iraq was still in power and remained a threat to the Israeli\’s establishment of a Jewish Nation -State in occupied Palestine and the sole threat in the Middle East to the establishment of a Jewish Nation-State in Palestine and, more troubling, the ancestors of the Iraqi President were the people that had enslaved the Hebrews for years in Babylon until the Persians defeated their captors and set those Hebrews free that wanted to return to Palestine; others remained in Babylon. While in captivity, the Hebrews learned of the Code of Hammurabi and other stories and events which they plagiarized for their Bible and Torah chapters.
President Saddam Hussein had to be removed; President Bush told the news media on multiple occasions either the Israeli\’s or God told him to remove Saddam Hussein.

Moreover, Congresswoman Lynn Chaney, daughter of former Vice President Richard Cheney should choose her words wisely based on the un-Constitutional actions of her father and President George Walker Bush. And, finally, for the record, the Taliban government prior to the invasion of Afghanistan and offered multiple times to turn over Osama bin Laden to the US government. The Bush administration refused their offer.

The Afghan people nor the Taliban government had nothing to do with the planning or execution of the September 11, 2001 Aerial Attack on the United States. The plans for the attack were developed in Hamburg, Germany by the operational leader of Al-Qaeda -the Egyptian -not Osama bin Laden. Documented facts.

The 9/11 Investigation should be reopened whereas revealing the involvement of members of the US government, New York government, Wall Street and other investors, the Israelis, the Saudis and other foreign nationals.

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