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Like so many poor Kentuckians in the 1960s, we enlisted into the US Armed Forces seeking employment, education, travel, and guaranteed retirement based on the Armed Forces Recruiting Literature and the verbal confirmation by Military Recruiters.

The United States Air Force satisfied my every expectation through employment in an organization whose motto “PEACE IS OUR PROFESSION” however; the military mission was changed, by the US Congress, at the behest of our country’s wealthy 1%. We became an aggressor force, instead of assuring peace through our nation’s TRIAD Forces.

As a rural American, I swore an oath to defend the US Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic seriously and frequently questioned tasking by US State Department Ambassadors resulting in the needless deaths of Americans and the indigenous population.

A covert war caused extreme mental stress, followed by an assignment at the Joint Casualty Resolution Center (JCRC) enhancing said stress, was instrumental in early submission for retirement.

Although, I wasn’t a member of US Forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, I was in Saudi Arabia, 1983 -1989, as a Department of Defense Contractor, and subjected to the immunizations and medication intake regiment, as the two and one half million military forces illegally deployed, in 2003, based on untruths, by the Bush-Cheney Administration against Afghanistan and Iraq.

The War to free Kuwait from Iraqi forces was an unexpected outcome by President Saddam Hussein against Kuwait, for their theft of Iraqi oil, but expelled by a collation force under the leadership of President George Herbert Walker Bush.  (Allegedly, the US Ambassador to Iraq was misunderstood or not by President Hussein resulting in the unexpected invasion of Kuwait.)

I was employed by Northrop Aircraft Services, while on terminal leave from the United States Air Force, and wasn’t familiar with the change in DOD policy requiring active duty and retired members of purchase private health insurance and/or the government’s TRI-CARE Health Program.

While employed by Northrop, I was hospitalized in an Athens, Greece Private Hospital and the US Air Force Hospital, at Wiesbaden, Germany.

The cause of the hospitalizations was from a service connected disease from duty in Southeast Asia.  I was awarded a Veterans Administration Service Connected Rating and treated thereafter, stateside, at the VA Medical Center, Gainesville, FL.

I never enrolled into Tri-Care, due to the Service Connected Rating, which, at the time, one could be treated at a VA Medical Center for a Service Connected ailment; however, military retirees did not receive any monetary compensation from the VA.  The SC rating dollar amount was tax exempt, from one’s retirement pay. Multiple years later, Congress authorized SC payment from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Of note, should one visit a doctor outside the VA and issued a prescription script, the veteran is authorized to use Tri-Care, after deduction, to pay for the medication.

Recently, the Department of Veterans Affairs initiated a program where 100% Service Connected Veterans may visit, pre-certified, private doctors, gratis.  Also, less SC ratings may have to pay co-pay.

From the referenced Air Force/Military Times articles, I learned of other changes introduced for the retiree which I wasn’t knowledgeable.  More changes to the 1960 Recruiting Literature.

Return to the Bush-Cheney Wars, from an ABC News Reporter, Ms. Martha Raddatz, reported more than half of the US Forces deployed in the Bush-Cheney Wars have filed for Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care and Monetary Benefits.

Unfortunately, they join a high number of Vietnam Era and Gulf War 1 awaiting a rating and/or approval of original claim or appeal from wars, including the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act to remove President Saddam Hussein, not based on a Congressional Declaration of War.

Disgusting, the US Armed Forces is the step child for Congress to TAKE for the members special, illegal projects even though deductions affect the prosperity and security of the United States of America.

Regarding the deductions, as a disabled military veteran, I find the majority of Congressional members are not Americans but political prostitutes that sell their vote and honor to the wealthy seeking to subvert the United States from a Constitutional Republic to a Theocracy form of government.

We, active and former members of the US Armed Forces, are steadfast with our oath to defend the US Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and acknowledge our government is a Constitutional Republic governed by the people through elected officials (Congress); our country’s Administrator and Head of State is the President of the United States of America.

The third Federal Branch of Government is the Judicial Branch (Supreme Court) whose Constitutional duty is to assure all governmental actions are in compliance with the people’s document – the US Constitution.

My message to all Americans who has served or serving in the Armed Forces of our great nation, I suggest our community assure they are registered to vote and vote in every election, especially the 2016 and 2018 elections to replace the entire Congress based on the following:  allow Americans to have dual citizenship, does not enforce the Separation of Church and State, passes legislation such as the 2012 United States – Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act making the people of the United States responsible for the existence of the State of Israel and increasing the Camp David Accord money to 4.5 billion annually for the next 10 years, providing additional hundreds of millions of dollars to support Israel’s Ground to Ground and Air to Ground missile systems and veto the recognition of a sovereign state of Palestine.

Moreover, the Internal Revenue Service allows Americans to deduct donations to the state of Israel that exceed billions of dollars annually.

Since 1948, the US Government has given Israel over 233 billion dollars, not counting the tax free donations and death and injuries to US military personnel:  1. Hundreds returning from their Sinai Peace Keeping Mission.  2.  The murder and wounding, plus the salvage of the USS Liberty, incurred from attacks by Israeli Air/Navy Forces in 1967.  3.  The murder and wounding of US and French Forces in Lebanon. 4.  Constant demand on the US Military to defend Israel to assure Arab land grab/occupation for a Greater Israel. 5.  President Nixon angered NATO in 1973 because he authorized the depletion of national military stores to save Israel from being defeated. 6.  Allows Americans to serve on active duty and reserve status in the Israeli Defense Forces.  7.  American Jews attacked the USS Liberty and shot Americans in the water awaiting rescue in 1967.  8.  President Lyndon B. Johnson ordered naval sorties returned to their carriers instead of protecting the USS Liberty.

I am an atheist that would die defending the rights of Americans to worship or not; however, I will not accept any group or groups attempting to force their beliefs or will on our government or me.

President Thomas Jefferson said there would be times when the American people must rise up and replace government with a new government.

Please vote to elect Americans that are Americans; whereas, the military can remain our country’s protector and receive equal pay and benefits commensurate to their daily sacrifices to our great nation.

MSGT, USAF (retired)
209 Autumn Drive
London, KY 40744-7071
(606) 862-2713


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