Hate Speech, Hypocrisy and Anti-Semitism

January 25, 2014, as a Democrat Candidate for KY’s 5th US Congressional District, I sent an e-mail to several addressees in response to the Herald-Leader’s January 25, 2014 edition. One topic dealt with the demand by aging Holocaust survivors in the United States for additional money from Germany.

January 28, 2014, the Herald-Leader published “EUROPEAN CEREMONIES INCLUDE WARNINGS ABOUT HATE SPEECH,” written by Czarek Sokolowski, Associated Press, which included comment regarding Holocaust survivors claim.

The article confirmed my assumption; an American Jewish Organization would demand the US Government act to support claims. In this light, the Holocaust Survivors’ Foundation USA seeks payment from Germany’s Alliance to pay aging survivor benefits that families purchased before their death in the Holocaust. However, the Survivors’ Foundation alleged survivors were unable to file lawsuits in US Court against European insurance companies.

This American is disgusted that the Congress of the United States of America and, too many, Presidential Administrations choose their position in the Federal Government instead the people of the United States. The United States is a Constitutional Republic, a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Our country is a secular nation, with a population of approximately 320 million people established by Native Americans and immigrants of all races, creed, and religion, where the freedom to worship or not is guaranteed by the US Constitution.

Additional thought: the first settlers in New England, at first, appear to pay in some way for the benefits and land Native Americans afforded; however, European Trade/Land Companies, the Rothschild Banking Dynasty and other investors arrived.

Allegedly, settlers didn’t identify themselves as “God’s Chosen People.” Said claim came later in New York and Philadelphia.

Naturally, the Manifest Destiny or like plan developed to take the eastern United States from the indigenous, followed by Go West Young Man with the assistance of wealthy that sold Winchesters and other weaponry to the indigenous, and, of course, a war with Mexico had to be on the investors agenda. Canada held her territory; however, Jews now control the Canadian government as they do the United States.

Unlike the United States and most foreign nations, Israel does not have a Constitution but, worse, demand the international community recognize Israel as a Jewish State. The acceptance of such a stance is unbelievable and demeaning.

Now to address anti-Semitism cited in the article.

The majority of the population, in occupied Palestine and the illegal state of Israel, are not descendants of the original Hebrew Arabs of Palestine and Arabia but converts to the religion. The occupation of Palestine and statehood were the results of Rothschild money, the TREASON by former President Harry S. Truman, self-interest by former Soviet Supreme Leader Joseph Stalin and the Royal British Government which the Rothschild family controlled.

Moreover, the illegal inhabitants of Israel and occupied Palestine are the process of forcing 40,000 Bedouin Arabs from their land for a Greater Israel. The Bedouins are Semitic.

The Rothschild Banking Dynasty, members of the US Congress, the Federal Reserve, Military-Industrial Complex will continue to earn blood money from Jewish history based on 5,000 plus years of murdering, maiming and dislocating their fellow Arabs and, of course, occupying their lands.

Today, January 28, 2014, while at lunch, the Fox News Network is going balls to the wall to disrupt President Barack H. Obama State of the Union Speech and seeking money and support for the illegal state of Israel.



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