Response to Lexington Herald-Leader (January 25, 2014 Edition)

Kudos Herald-Leader! The paper’s new design and, in my opinion, less censorship is welcomed.

This reader found the Saturday, January 25, 2014, Herald-Leader print extremely interesting with news Kentuckians and the American people should know, immediately addressed and resolved.

Not necessarily in order of importance, I will address Senator Rand Paul’s statement “Enough is Enough” regarding unwed mothers and continuous births out of wedlock. The Federal Government, per the US Constitution nor the Declaration of Independence, is not obligated to afford monetary funds, health maintenance or any other assistance to parents from the child’s inception to their death.

State, county, and city governments may do as the Commonwealth of Kentucky is now providing to children born out of wedlock and below the poverty level. However, the taxpayers of the United States of America and territories should not be obligated to provide such assistance.

Growing up in Laurel County, KY, during the 1950s, school’s curriculum charged teachers, in my opinion, to teach their students, the responsibilities of the different governments within the United States. Equally important, my parents, relatives, and close family members addressed the responsibilities of Americans to honor our great nation, remain a registered voter and vote, attend school to assure the ability to be employed at a rate that would sustain their and/or family’s lifestyle in retirement.

Realizing the fallacy of every American attaining a financial status of self-sufficiency, the Federal Government approved the Federal Social Security System, Medicare and, today, the President’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. To this end, in my opinion, the three programs approved by Congress and signed in to law by the applicable US President would be un-Constitutional in the eyes of the founders of the United States.

Our founders’ from their knowledge of European Law and Policies knew in every society there are those that use their religious beliefs, greed for wealth and power, prevailing dishonesty and their sense of superiority would lead to the return of masters and slave owners but without a royal title or dictatorship.

Such scalawags, in the US House of Representatives, on December 22, 1913, signed in to Public Law the establishment of the Federal Reserve System to be the Central Bank of the United States. The House vote was 298 – 60 and the next day, the Senate passed the legislation 43 – 25.

A previous bill was voted earlier in the Senate and past with the votes 54 – 34; however, 30 Senators were on Christmas vacation.

President Woodrow Wilson is on record expressing his regret for signing the bill as Public Law.

The Rothschild Banking Dynasty and other international bankers/investors came to the colonies and remained in the sovereign nation of the United States of America. With the influx of European God/Silver in the hands of the Chase, Morgan, Rockefellers, and other investors, the Federal Reserve’s private owners control the US Government as they did the Royal British Government, for example, during the American Revolution War.

President Andrew Jackson, President Abraham Lincoln, and President John F. Kennedy attempted to not allow a private owned Central Bank. A murder attempt was made against Jackson. Lincoln and Kennedy were murdered.

To the Federal Reserve owners, Americans are debtors and slaves. For example, you may not have noticed but the Federal Reserve is the agency behind the Credit Rating System that manipulates our economy in their favor. Financial institutions can borrow money from the Federal Reserve at very little interest while lenders charge, at some money lenders, in the 30% level. With an American Congress in power, borrowed money could be limited to 5% or lower but, equally important, the falsified Credit Ratings and secret or unknown penalties would be eliminated.

For American students, young girls wouldn’t have to become pregnant to leave their hostile, uneducated parents that use their female child as a babysitter or housekeeper. The male child works for the parent, most often, without pay without regard to the harm against their education could receive an education.

Young Kentuckians wouldn’t have to enlist in the military to receive an education and be employed. To this end, the Congress of the United States could not fund and order US Forces into battle to acquire fossil fuel reserves and spread Judea-Christian religion.

Students should be taught through middle school and high school, with or without consent of their parent, the maximum regarding events leading to pregnancy. This would, of course, mean the students will learn Mother Nature has provided the female an avenue to avoid becoming pregnant and the male taught his responsibility as a future father.

With the ability for both male and female to be administered birth control measures, our government should deny the religious oriented community to disrupt our government’ Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The religious community is not the ones that pay the medical bills, provide money to raise the child, and suffer the abuse by uneducated welfare parents. We, the people, pay the bills and suffer the continuous welfare system.

For the military, with the Federal Reserve System terminated and replaced by the US Department of the Treasury; the international community could be at PEACE and American could be employed, secure, and healthy.

And, borrowers for school funds, home improvement, purchase an automobile, etc. could retire with the, alleged, American Dream. To this end, unless the American people retire the entire Congress of the United States in November 2014 and 2016, David Rockefeller and the other owners of the Federal Reserve will implement a successful coup making North American (Canada, Mexico, and the United States, the first three nations of the New World Order.

Going forward, the OPINIONS section’s cartoon made me question your choice of country – Malaysia.

Was the government of Malaysia chosen because they indicted and convicted, without their presence, former President George W. Bush, former Vice President Richard Cheney, and other former Bush Administration Cabinet Members for Crimes against Humanity?

The cartoon charging Election Fraud is laughable, as the US Supreme Court Justices assured the election of George W. Bush and Richard Cheney, President and Vice President. Another example is our own Commonwealth.

The octopus holding back and covering the wig headed Malaysian Prime Minister from imposing justice could be changed by identifying the octopus, the US Congress.

Regarding the Malaysia Sedition Act, I am not familiar with the particulars against the Cartoonist – Zunar. However, I re-read the text of our country’s past Sedition Act. One sentence I cherished in the Act was anyone that demeaned the United States in the eyes of others could be charged with Sedition. I am not an attorney but from a recent vacation in Paris, France and e-mail and personal conversations I had with my son, now employed in Liberia, Africa, our country is not respected. Zionists control the United States government.

Moreover, I could respond to the remaining Cartoons but what’s the use?

The Letters to the Editor, subjects “Scriptures outdate,” “Other Christians need to join pro-life Catholics”, and “Tax the rich for war” were interesting. For example, recent findings debunk Noah’s Ark and in past wars, the rich were taxed higher than 50% and Federal and State Legislators should establish when the Festus is a fully developed human being. Anyone aborting the child without a formal authorization from a Judicial representative of the US and/or State Government would be charged with some degree of murder.

The days of placing your seed in the belly of a whore instead of on the ground has long past. Today, birth control devices and medications, as previously identified, along with Mother Nature’s provision allows families and the unwed to assure the health and welfare of their offspring without assistance from the American taxpayers.

Other choices such as legalizing prostitution to satisfy one’s lust should be considered.

And, once and for all, the government must enforce Jefferson’s stance on Separation of Church and State.

The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic. The people are the government, not the 1% or religious zealots.

With respect,










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