Ms. Martha Raddatz, ABC Pentagon Reporter\’s Comments and Candidate’s Opinion

During the last few minutes of the President’s annual State of the Union address, the entire audience in the Capitol Building’s Chamber rose and applauded the presence of an Army First Class Sergeant for at least one full minute. The Sergeant was critically injured in our country’s illegal 12 year war against Afghanistan. The second largest acknowledgement was for the son of an Ohio bar owner’s son – the Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

In the final few minutes of ABC News, Pentagon Reporter, Ms. Martha Raddatz, with grief in her voice, reported during the 12 year Afghan War, 2.5 million US Military served in the hostilities, 1 – 5 suffered Traumatic Brain Injury, 50% filed for Department of Veteran Affairs Disability Compensation, and I don’t recall the percent or number suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and/or mental health symptoms.

As a disabled military veteran from the Vietnam Era and Gulf War Syndrome from contract employment, with the US Department of Defense, the Persian Gulf War, US Military and government contractors are not stupid animals or pawns for foreign policy.

I believed we were in Southeast Asia as a member of the former Southeast Asia Treaty Organization to prevent the spread of Communism; the Domino Theory. However, training and working hand and hand with the Royal Laotian Civil and Military leaders and the Royal Thai Air Force, Air America, Continental Air Services, Birds & Son, Joint Military Advisory Group(s) and the US State Department, Air Attaché, we learned, Communism wasn’t the true enemy.

The Domino Theory materialized; however, not through Communist aggression. The economic power of mainland China, through the labor and sales ventures of Southeast Asia ancestral Chinese, made the realization.

In 1973, the Pathet Lao (Communist) assumed the major government role from the Laotian Neutralist and, in 1975; Communist forces captured Saigon, the Capital of South Vietnam. Vietnam was finally united, as it should have been following World War II.

The Vietnamese endured a short military struggle with China for multiple reasons of which one was the expulsion of Chinese merchants.

Moreover, in my opinion, our country’s twenty five years economic and military venture plan in Southeast Asia, elapsed. We failed to resolve the dispute between China and other Asian countries regarding islands and fossil fuel reserves in the South China Sea. Mainland China constructed a super highway from China, through Vietnam, and Laos to the Northwestern border of Thailand.

From current news, our government is re-establishing diplomatic level similar to the Vietnam Era to resolve the lingering South China Sea difficulties and, hopefully, retain naval superiority in the Pacific. Today, China has an operational Aircraft Carrier Task Force and another carrier being constructed.

And, in recent months, the Chinese government attempted to increase their Air Defense Identification Zones around the disputed islands without regard to the rules and policies of the International Civil Aviation (ICAO) Organization, a division of the United Nations. To this end, since the Reagan Administration, members of Congress and, in particular, the Bush-Cheney Administration de-mean (ed) and rebuke (d) the United Nations. The United Nations is essential to international peace.

During the Presidential Address, I became annoyed at the faces of TRAITORS sitting in the Capital Chamber, such as, in my opinion, Senator John McCain, Senator Charles Schumer, Congressman Eric Cantor, the Speaker of the House, and Vice President Biden. The cited individuals, along with the less known non-Americans in Congress, have forced legislation through Congress that mandate the American people responsible for the financial and physical security of Israel. Also, there is legislation pending that charges President Obama to dispatch US Forces against Iran, should Israel attack Iran.

And, last evening, President Obama forewarned Congress that he would veto legislated sanctions against Iran, prior to ascertaining, if the current diplomatic mission is successful. One recalls Senator John McCain’s chant of Bomb, Bomb, and Bomb – Iran.

What is it going to take to replace the Un-Americans in the Congress and deny individuals, such as Vice President Biden, their positions in the US Government?

Please remember the complicity of former President George W. Bush and former Vice President Richard Cheney in the September 11, 2001 Aerial Assault on the United States and the thousands (American and Indigenous Arabs) murdered, injured, forever maimed, dislocated as refugees and as prisoner an American Military Prison located in Cuba.

And, remember, Congress wants to invade Syria, Lebanon, Iran, and North Korea, while increasing economic sanctions against the Cuban people. With every military action, human beings die and the war criminals increase their wealth.


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