History Repeats Herself

April 9 -10, 2016, the Times-Tribune\’s Religion Section published two articles \”The Bible becomes official state book of Tennessee\” and \”Details of state legislation seeking religious protections\” historically takes us back to the alleged religious persecution that brought immigrants to North America.

For the record, the United States of America is a Constitutional Republic and regardless of what the religious community and their political lackey\’s allege, the United States has never been a Christian or Jewish-Christian nation.

Yes, among the immigrants were individuals not satisfied with the teachings of their church and sought revisions of church doctrine and/or or state imposed religion.  The majority of the immigrants were trappers, adventurers, and members of the several European land Companies carving up the continent.

Hebrew Arabs aka Jews  designed and implemented Judaism, with offshoots of Christianity and Islam, that led to mass deaths and destruction in Europe and the Middle East  and now the religious community brought the carnage to the United States.

Instead of  destroying our way of life in the United States, the so-called religious community should accept reality; religion is nothing but a scam for the greedy and powerful.

Jews altered the lives of Germany, twice, replaced Russian Royalty with the teachings of Marx and Lenin but, thanks to, Stalin; Jewish control of Russia ended, not counting Uganda and so many other nations.

We need to replace Congress and return to the US Constitution and the Spirit of the Declaration of Independence to the government of the United States – the people.

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