Questionable Foreign Policy

December 6 during a CNN interview with Republican Senator Roger Wicker, senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, stated the US has California National Guardsmen in Ukraine and other Russia bordering states. During the interview the US government denied any US government forces in Ukraine.

December 7, 2021, multiple news media anchors and pundits reported President Biden spoke with President Putin, Russian Federation, regarding Putin’s intent on invading Ukraine of the most important nations of the former Soviet Union which was known as the “Breadbasket of the Soviet Union.” The people of Ukraine for centuries have been allied with Russia so there area that remain Russian in language and culture, however, US (Military Industrial Complex/Owners of the Federal Reserve) and European Investors plus the movie star President of Ukraine wants Ukraine to be aligned with the European Union instead of the Russian Federation. Moreover, North Atlantic Treaty Organizations (NATO) nations want’s Ukraine to become a nation whereas, if successful, would endanger the sovereignty of the Russian Federation.  President Putin, allegedly, seeks an international signed and ratified document that would assure Ukraine would not become part of NATO.   Once again,  money investors are controlling US foreign policy that will lead to another international war or regional conflict.

Earlier, President Biden announced the United States was going to boycott China’s Winter Olympics because of human rights violation by the Chinese government citing the treatment of Muslims.  Also, President Biden and Congress are violating a long standing One China policy with our country’s more active sale of military equipment and advanced systems to Taiwan.   Again, the Military-Industrial Complex/Owners of the Federal Reserve are adding fuel to a possible international war with China.  For the record, China is a true threat to our military power; the Russian Federation is not.

My question:  Is the United States continuing a policy of world domination and a great empire financed by, again, the Military-Industrial Complex/Owners of the Federal Reserve while financing and providing a military Combat Air Patrol and immediate major military assault forces to protect the occupiers of Palestine – the Jewish Nation-State of Israel?  For example, NO GODS OF ABRAHAM exist, whereas, the Hebrews aka Jews aka Israelis have no moral right to any land in Palestine.  Palestinians and other ethnic Arab tribes, as well as the Hebrews, have been on the lands since many walked upright.  Without a doubt, no truthful member of the US government believe there is a God and the only reason Israel has become a nation that occupies and creator of all international turmoil is because of the donations and bribes by the religious community of the United States with Christians being the largest group of traitors.

In 2022 and 2024, the people must decided if there are US citizens or dual citizens or hyphenated citizens and vote to, for the first time, in more than two hundred return US citizens to Washington to govern our country.  If not, the United States will be destroyed within the next fifty years.

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