Mandatory Constitutional Amendments

November 8, 2022, our true citizens, not dual citizenship, not hyphened, not ancestry nor religious prefix or suffix religious but true citizens, will vote in the most important mid-term national election in my 79 years of life. The said life encompasses more than thirty-five years of covert and overt employment under the federal government’s employment umbrella throughout the international community, the Continental United States, and her territories. From the years of employment and the first seventeen years of life, where religious indoctrination was more relevant than our state’s educational curriculum, and an in depth knowledge of our country’s history and, equally important, extremely well versed in our country’s Declaration of Independence against the British Crown and the most important, out dated and in need of amendments, document, true citizens must on November 8, 2022, remove all incumbent Republicans members of the Commonwealth’s State Government and it’s Washington delegation to the United States House of Representatives and United States Senate.

And, on a personal note, should anyone read my blog and submit negative comments I will concede: Yes, I’m a one hundred percent military service connected veteran with military conflicts beginning with the Cuban Crisis at Homestead Air Force Base, Florida to covert military operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against the Islamic Republic of Iran, once the most important financial partner in the Middle East, in preparation for a war to remove the duly elected President of Iraq.

Important note: the United States Congress funded and directed the implementation of the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act by all federal agencies. The said Act was in violation of the US Constitution, International Law therefore an Act of War against a sovereign country and their duly elected President, Saddam Hussein. The enforcement of the Act failed as the people of the United States would not go to war against Iraq who had fought a eleven year proxy war for the United States against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Our country’s next action was the September 11, 2001, Aerial Attack of the United States. President George W. Bush said God told him to remove Saddam Hussein.

Moreover, the Iraq Liberation Act was not the first nor will it be the last Congressional Zionist will approve and fund to complete the entire physical takeover of Palestine by the terrorist Nation State of Israel. Zionist members of Congress approved like Resolutions against Syria, Libya, Egypt, etc.

The first one hundred percent Military Service Connection Disability rating was issued in 1998 by the Office of Personnel Management while employed by the Department of Veterans Affairs at the Louisville, KY’s Veterans Administration Medical Center as a GS-9, Administrative. The diagnosis was Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. There have been succeeding Veteran Administration Service Connection ratings increasing to one hundred percent plus for exposures to Agent Orange, Asbestos, covert combat injuries, diabetes, Colitis, spine Ll-4 compressed, traumatic brain injury, pending Gulf War Illness from anti-Anthrax vaccine and pyridostigmine bromide pills, and multiple ailments due to other military stress related ailments.

Again, yes! I’m in poor health but with the assistance of a walker and possible wheelchair, in the near future, and the help of paid assistants, I will be able to perform my three workdays weekly, when in session; I would not be on the ballot as a Write In Candidate for the United States Senate if I did feel I could complete the assignment as US Senator. (The Senate works, when in session, Tuesday through Thursday, for their approximately 98 days annually.)

As a native Kentuckian born in East Bernstadt, KY while my father was in the US Marines fighting alongside other Marines and US Naval Forces to defeat Japanese military forces occupying Pacific Islands that would allow US air power to soften Imperial Japan. My father’s Marine Division and others defeated, with extremely heavy losses and injures, the entrench Japanese Forces on lwo Jima in which said victory afforded airstrips to strike Tokyo and other critical Japanese cities. Unfortunately, my father, like so many other Marines and Seaman were never able to recovery from their mental and physical wounds.

During my air force career beginning in the Law Enforcement and Security Career Field (needed air force at the time following basic training) at Homestead Air Force Base, FL, I was transferred to the Republic of South Korea where I was allowed to cross-train into my career field of choice -The Air Traffic Control Career Field that has multiple vocations such as: Base Operations, Command Post Air Traffic Control Tower Operator, Ground Control Approach (GCA), Enroute Air Traffic Control, and Forward Ground Combat Controller. I retired from the USAF October 1, 1980, as a Master Sergeant, E-7, Air Operations Superintendent. My last assignment was a Headquarters 22″‘ Air Force, Travis AFB, CA as 22″‘ Air Force Current Operations

In the US Military selected members are assigned on Covert (classified), overt, and special assignments where the normal day to day operations of a overt stateside base does not apply which I will identify assignment to the Joint Casualty Resolution Center (JCRC), Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai Air Base, Kingdom of Thailand. Our mission was to go into Vietnam (North & South), Laos and Cambodia to recover the remains of US Mission in Action (MIA), both military and civilians and adjudicate MIA status our review of documents from the highest to the lowest military classifications plus other non-classified documents provided by US and foreign governments, and others. From this assignment I learned what my father and other military encountered on lwo Jima, even though the terrain was different, from an opposing enemy force and, regretfully, our country’s so-called political and military leaders; the hardships, deaths and injuries were unspeakable.

At a classified assignment, I learned firsthand the regulations and policies for the handing and control of US military secrets whereas I know former President Donald J. Trump did not have the authority as President of the United States to Classify or Declassify Documents administered by the Department of Defense. First and foremost, one must possess a security clearance applicable to a document and, equally important, must have a need to know the content of a document. I do not see how a know New York criminal/unethical person could be issued a security clearance. Former President Donald J. Trump should have been arrested, indicted, and tried by his peers for possession of classified documents regardless of the circumstances. A former President of the United States or any citizen is not above the laws of the United States; his tenure ran out with the Office of Personnel Management the day President Joseph R. Biden was sworn in as President of the United States of America.

Digressing, as a Junior at Hazel Green High School, Hazel Green, Kentucky, I learned the President of the United States’ position was a second thought as the Continental Congress learned there had to be a head of state and administrator of the policies, laws, and directives approved by the legislative branch during their absence. After all, members of Congress were only part time employees; a 24/7 administrator, with a cabinet, was required to assure the prosperity and security of the United States. However, soon the legislative and executive members of government saw the opportunity to become wealthy and power and over the past 246 years, the said member positions have taken our nation to a point destruction.

My fellow Kentuckians, the United States’ form of government is a Constitutional Republic where the people are supposed to elect representatives to go to the nation’s capital and make laws, policies, directives, maintain oversight of the executive branch and from time to time recommend Constitutional Amendments to the US Constitution that reflects the current environment of the United States. Unfortunately, during the 2017 -2021 administration of Donald J. Trump and the Republic Party’s tenure in Congress; we the people were faced with a Republican Party attempt to overturn the 2020 National Election – a failed Insurrection against the United States and the people of our great nation.

Mandatory Constitutional Amendments, in my opinion, are:

Revision of the duties, responsibilities, work attendance, etc., for the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branch are the most urgent as, in my opinion, the members of the cited branches have made themselves in United States Royalty. We fought a Revolutionary War to end a Monarchy.

Public funding of all national elections.

A public law against Political Action Groups or whatever the name/title/etc., of contributors to candidates; an established maximum dollar amount established, no exception, will be the law of the land.

Congressional mandated rules and policies for the nation’s media to provide gratis time and space for individuals that pay their legal filing fees.

The termination of all political parties.

The First Amendment will continue to allow the worship of an entity, religious or not however the government will declare: the God’s of Abraham are a scam!

The Federal Reserve System will no longer allow religious deductions, regardless of the factor.

All citizens of the United States will serve in the US Armed Forces or in a civilian counterpart for two
years. No exceptions.

No foreign nation can recruit and maintain a reserve military force in the United States (US) nor allow US citizens to serve in the armed forces or civilian institutions of a foreign nation in the United States.

Termination of dual citizenship/loyalty, hyphenated citizens, religious/ancestry prefix/suffix and make English the national language of the United States.

Confirm the legal name of the United States not the United States of America. (The United States does not have sovereignty over Canada or Mexico or any of the Americas.)

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and fellow Justices should be authority over the United States Judicial System, not a Cabinet Branch or Attorney General. (The Federal Courts are a crime against the people of the United States.)

The President of the United States will no longer be classified as the Commander In Chief of the US Armed Forces!

The Federal Reserve System will be eliminated. (No foreign investors or owners.)

The 2nd Amendment will continue but with massive changes. (For example, all military automatic weapons or weapons of mass destruction will be allowed to remain overnight in one’s residence. The government, whether state or county will provide armory’s that will register the weapons and issue said weapons on authorized occasions; the same authority will build or license vendors to construct battlefields or mock villages, targets, etc., for the use of said weapons.

One law will be ratified by the states that assure the United States is a nation of one people without the ability of states to deny any freedoms under the revised, up to date US Constitution. Remember NO GODS OF ABRAHAM.

NOTE: A Congressional Mandate Committee composed of noted law professors will draft the Constitutional Proposals as the entire three federal branch of governments incumbents are without integrity.

If we are to survive another century, then government must end their receipt of donations, especially from the scam religious community. The people must terminate all Republican incumbents, traitors in my opinion, in 2022 and 2024 and most of all compel the US Attorney General to indict Donald J. Trump for Treason.

I suggest you read my latest book “NO GODS OF ABRAHAM” that’s reveals the treason by every presidential administration and congressional session since the presidency of Harry S. Truman.

Please Write In Billy Ray Wilson for US Senate.

Billy Ray Wilson
Defender of the U.S. Constitution

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