My Homeland is the United States of America, Not the Socialist Country of Israel (Op-Ed)

From January 14 – January 18, 2014, the Herald-Leader published an article addressing KY State Assemblyman Stumbo and US Senate Candidate, the honorable Ms. Grimes, controversy over the, alleged, use of the word NAZI during a political campaign rally. And, we learned the government of Israel was discussing a law that would make it a crime to use the word NAZI unless used in specific circumstance. The earliest upsetting news report regarded older Holocaust survivors seeking additional monetary support from Germany.

It is doubtful this Letter to the Editor, Herald-Leader, but if so, the truth will anger a lot of so-called Americans.

The National Socialist German Worker’s Party (NAZI) came to power in Germany following the defeat of the Axis Powers at the end of World War I. Former German Army veteran, such as Adolph Hitler, were disillusioned by German citizens, whose religion was Judaism, contributed to the defeat of Germany. And, a greater insult, imposed by Jewish and foreign bankers, was the treaty agreed to and signed to end the war.

With the establishment of International Zionism in 1898, those of Judaism began their subversive economic actions, against their host nations, and, with financial and political support of the Rothschild Banking Dynasty, covertly and overt migrated to the ancient land of Palestine. The straw that broke the camel’s back was in May 1948 when US President Harry S. Truman and Soviet Supreme Leader Joseph Stalin recognized the occupation of Palestine, by Jewish terrorist and legal/illegal immigrants, opened the door to Israel Statehood in 1949.

Regarding Adolph Hitler, he was respected by the international banking community, US manufacturers, and even made the front cover of a national magazine, twice. Chancellor Hitler and the NAZI people’s representative took the bankrupt, demoralized nation to the greatest economic and military power in an era known as Germany’s Third Reich.

Moreover, what most Americans do not realize is the NAZI Government provided many different avenues of support to Germans migrating to Palestine until German Jewish bankers and leaders would not support Germany’s growth. The Jewish majority wanted the benefits and protection of the state but didn’t want to be Germans. They chose to be Jews, as too many in our country, instead of Germans.

Regarding the Jewish term “Holocaust” and the, alleged, holocaust survivors in the United States. First and foremost, Judaism, Jewish, Jew refers to a religion originated by Hebrew Arabs in ancient Palestine. However, the Arab ethnic group became Jews following their enslavement in ancient Mesopotamia. (The land region today is Iraq, eastern Syria and southeastern Turkey. Persia conquered Mesopotamia in 539 B.C. and freed the Jews aka Hebrew Arabs.)

Equally important, the Jews and Arab majority agreed Jews could remain in Middle East countries and continue their religious beliefs after agreeing to monetary charge for the privilege. Reports that Jews were forced, by local Arab governments, to depart ancient Palestine are false. However, the opposite for the Palestinian; Jewish terrorist and settlers murdered the indigenous Arab, occupied their lands and forced thousands to flee their homeland to neighboring Arab countries.

Yes, a large number of Jews departed Palestine for Turkey, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Central, North, and South America, and the Caribbean, especially Cuba and Puerto Rico, in pursuit of business opportunities, personal freedom and the ability to worship their God of Abraham. However, Jews remained in nations throughout the Middle East. For example, Iran has the second largest number of Jew, outside of the state of Israel.

And, for the record, the majority of the, alleged, Jewish population in Israel do not have DNA proof of ancestry to the indigenous Hebrew Arab. For example, entire villages, townships, etc. in Eastern Europe, the continent of Africa and other nations converted to Judaism. In the United States there are a note-able conversion to Judaism in the entertainment community and mixed marriages.

The arrival of Jews in the present day United States created instant economic problems for colonial leadership with their determination to be Jews instead of immigrants to New York and other large (at the time) colonial cities. Naturally, for example, the Dutch Trading Company sided with Jews even though their allegation; Jews would take care of their own has never been realized.

When our country became an independent nation, our founders established a guarantee that Americans could worship or not a religious entity. With this guarantee and other stipulations, such as employment and duties of the US House of Representatives and the US Senate, I suspect our founders never in their wildest nightmares felt the members of Congress would sell out their nation for greater wealth, their ancestral homeland or a mythical religious entity. However, the first act of governmental TREASON, in my lifetime was during President Harry S. Truman’s Administration. Unfortunately, since 1948, government TREASON has manifested in every national election.

At this point, I must reaffirm our form of government is a Constitutional Republic, a government of the people, for the people and by the people. Israel has no Constitution, not a government of the people, and their lives are dictated by senior religious individuals that believe; “Jews are God’s Chosen People.”

If I am elected KY’s 5th US Congressional District Representative, my actions will be based on the US Constitution and the spirit of the Declaration of Independence. Our country can’t advance or maintain security without the support of all the people, regardless of race, religion, sexual preference, and political affiliation.

In closing, from a saying I heard a number of times, with my alternations, I submit:


May the road rise up to meet citizens of the United States of America!

May the wind be always our nation’s provider!

May the sun shine warm on this great nation;

May the rains fall soft upon our fields!

And may the people of the United States of America remain a nation of the people!

With respect, I remain.

American Democrat Candidate of the People


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