No Gods, No Chosen People. We Are One.

At the outset, I’m an atheist, our country’s form of government is a Constitutional Republic, and, in my opinion, Donald J. Trump and the present-day Republican Party members are traitors.

In recent days, news media anchors, pundits, reporters, etc., have been spewing the term “anti-Semite” with emphasis the term Semite is applicable to those of whose religion is Judaism whereas said individuals are being verbally abused, mistreated, a recipient of hate in various forms of negative acts against humanity. Yes, the cited infractions and actions are wrong as in the international community we are one people.

A Merriam-Webster definition of Semite reads: 1. a member of any number of peoples of ancient southwestern Asia including Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs. 2. a descendent of these people. 3. a member of a modern people speaking a Semitic language.

Note: I may be misunderstanding ethnic groups when Hebrew is not listed as an Arab as according to the Hebrews; Abraham, the Hebrew, was a native of Ur, present day Iraq an Arab country, before his invasion of Canaan (Palestine).

The Internet’s information system reveals the current definition of anti-Semite, used by those cited, came into usage in 1880 from a German definition. The definition applied to those that abused those of Judaism in any manner, mode, etc; against Jewish people.

In 1898, a wealthy European funded and directed the establishment of International Zionism an organization whose goal was to build a homeland for those of Judaism. The said organization was responsible for international financial turmoil, especially in the United States, which led to our country’s Great Depression and, in 1913, the approval of the Federal Reserve System. a private owned banking system to control the finances of the United States. The principal owner of the Federal Reserve System was of the same 958 that funded and directed Zionism.

In 1948, a member of the cited family above dispatched his private army to invade Palestine following the withdrawal of the United Nation’s Mandated British Forces from Palestine. The Palestinian were a peaceful people without weapons or military training and the neighboring Arab countries were inept whereas the mercenary army overran Palestine. The Palestinians named May 15, 1948 “NAKBA” the beginning date when at least 750,000 were forced from their homes.

Note: Recently Netflix screened a documentary of the Nakba Assault against the demands of the Israeli Government.

Former President Harry S. Truman, against the advice of most of his President Cabinet and other advisors, announced our country’s support for the establishment of a State of Israel in occupied Palestine. Moreover, due to Washington’s intimidation and bribery of United Nations Ambassadors, the United Nations in 1949 approved the establishment of a terrorist State of Israel.

Currently, the owners of the Federal Reserve Banking System, the Military Industrial Complex, Zionist, and President Biden’s Administration is depleting US Military Stores, adding debt, and threatening the United States with World War Ill to support Zionist in their movement to establish a One World Order.

Note: the Federal Reserve System draws interest on the monies borrowed to support the Democrats Socialist Program, the Republicans TREASON against the United States and, of course, the Federal Reserve Banks plan for continuous wars.

For crying out loud, why would anyone believe in the scam Gods of Abraham? To this end, one should ask where the GODS of ancient civilizations are; they have never existed nor do the scam GODS OF ABRAHAM. Moreover, there are no Chosen People; all human beings evolved from unknown sources, no gods. In the United States, we are one; no hyphenated, no dual citizens, or any other adjective you might want to add. We are citizens of the United States governed by a constitution which grants you the right to worship your big toe, if you choose, however it is against the law to subvert the United States Government.

Haven’t you so called religionists destroyed enough civilizations and murdered, wounded enough?

Billy Ray Wilson


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