September 11th, 2021

Today, September 11, 2021, most true citizens of the United States remember the events of September 11, 2001, emotions are mixed; some with anger, hate, sadness, compassion, wonder, and with unknown other emotions but not addressed by the media or one to one personal conversation is the real true reason of what happened on said date – the building of a Jewish Nation State in the land of Palestine.

I have no illusion this letter will be printed but the truth weighs heavy on my mind beginning with my religious upbringing in Laurel County, Kentucky, during the 1940s and 1950s, followed by thirty- five years of contract, covert, and overt employments primarily under the umbrella of the US government.  From these employments, we learned our great nation is divided into regions with different customs and cultures but remain under the same flag – the Stars and Stripes and governed through the dictates of the United States Constitution.

Our nation is a Constitutional Republic as, allegedly, Benjamin Franklin, a member of the Continental Congress, informed a young woman but added, “if you can keep it.”  Mr. Franklin and many of the other founders were believers in deism; “a theory about the nature and existence of God.  It asserts that God exists, and that He created the world, but that He has no presents relation to the world.”  In fact, in the Declaration of Independence, the authors reference a Creator but make no reference to God, Lord, or divine being.

The Declaration’s authors have been proven correct in that an unknown entity, Creator, if you choose, brought about the formation of our solar system and all the planets known and yet to be discovered.  Our earth’s system was not the first of the planets as described as formed by an, alleged, God of Abraham.

Yes, the First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees the right to worship but does not guarantee the right to support an entity that advocates the overthrow of the United States Government in which the Gods of Judaism, Christianity and Islam advocate.

Digressing back to my childhood, I still recall the hours of religious services that addressed the Hebrews century old crimes against the other ethnic Arab tribes in the Middle East to achieve superiority of said tribes by asserting a God of Abraham had given the land of Canaan (Palestine) to the Hebrews.

In 1898, a Rothschild family member funded and directed the establishment of Zionism to establish a homeland for those of Judaism.  Following World War I, another Rothschild, banker for the British Empire, wrote British Minister Balfour, to establish a homeland in Palestine for Jews.  In the 1940s, another Rothschild formed a private army that was later used to invade Palestine and the occupation of said lands by Jewish terrorist and in-place Jewish Palestinians.  In 1948, President Harry S. Truman, against the advice of his cabinet, recognized the Zionist occupation of Palestine as a future state of Israel.  In 1949, after the bribing and intimidation of United Nations Ambassadors, the United Nations recognized the Zionist occupation of Palestine as the State of Israel.

Sadly, and unconstitutional, in my opinion, every US government since 1948 have utilized US resources to establish a Jewish Nation-State in Palestine at the cost of thousands of US lives, hundreds of thousands of Middle East national lives, dislocation of millions of Muslims, theft of Syria land, oil, water plus building Jewish settlements and recreational facilities in occupied Syria all in the name of a non-existing God of Abraham.  (I truly suspect, religion is not the cause but instead the monetary donations and voting blocs to the political parties.  In my opinion, none of the current members of the US government are true citizens of the United States but instead political prostitutes without integrity or the right to call the United States their home.

My expiration date is fast approaching but I am hopefully the people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the United States and territories will begin to replace all politicians in 2022, in both state and federal positions, to assure to continuation of the United States of America.

Billy Ray Wilson, 209 Autumn Drive, London, KY 40744, (606) 770-5080

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