Two Traitors: John Brown (1859) and Donald J. Trump (2001)

JOHN BROWN (1859): In the 1600s, the Brown Family arrived on North American soil with other Calvinist Reform Families eager to start their own version of Christianity. The Calvinist like the multiple other Christian sects, such as the Puritans, objected to state religions and/or wanted to amend or revise the teachings of their own religions.

John Brown’s Father was of English descent and his mother was Dutch – Welsh. The coast line of North America provided the ideal landing sites and land area For the Europeans as the North American Indians were friendly at first until the settlers began killing the North American Indian for their scalps, slavery, etc.

John Brown’s family members were volunteers in the struggle against the British Monarchy and fought in the Revolutionary War.

John Brown was married twice and was the father of twenty children and moved into several states of the United States and, at least once establishing a homestead of gratis land donated by a Mr. Smith. Unfortunately, in my opinion, his Calvinist beliefs regarding slavery became dominant over his families loyalty to the United States and began collecting mixed race individuals to help in his fight against the slavers.

John Brown became a noted anti-slave activist in a fire flight in or around Lawrence, Kansas.

Typically of individuals like John Brown, in my opinion, he failed to recognize the United States was a Constitutional Republic and, during the 1850s, the government of the United States, employed individuals with integrity and honor but, moreover, loyal to the United States. In this light, 1859, John Brown and a few of his followers attacked Harper’s Ferry, VA (today, West Virginia), a US Government Arsenal. The government deployed US Colonel Robert E. Lee, Lieutenant J.E.B. Stuart, and one hundred Marines to capture Brown and his group. Brown was convicted and hanged for his attempt to overthrow the US Government. The slave uprising he expected did not materialize. Brown and his followers failed to recognize the United States was a Constitutional Republic, not a theocracy nor a true democracy. The government had ended support to the clergy and tax relief to the religious community plus, the most important, the framers of the Declaration of Independence wrote the words “CREATOR” instead of GOD as they knew there were no GODS OF ABRAHAM.

The framers such as Thomas Jefferson would smile and acknowledge his superior intelligence for not cowering to the religious traitors. Unfortunately, the religious traitors over the past 247 years have only grown to approximately half our country’s population and are responsible for the traitor Donald John Trump and the Republican Political Party of the United States.

NOTE: A report by the January 6 Congressional Committee, based on first hand knowledge, revealed to US citizens: President Trump, without written permission from the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, struggled with his Secret Service team in a physical effort to force the team to drive him to the Capital to join with the armed mob attacking our nation’s Capital. Trump’s actions, in my opinion, emulate the actions of John Brown and his small militant group’s attack on Harper’s Ferry.

DONALD JOHN TRUMP (2001): in 1885, a German teenager, Frederick Trump, the grandfather of the traitor, in my opinion, Donald J. Trump arrived in New York, New York. He was born Friedrich “Fredrick” Trump, in 1869, the German town of Kailistadt known for its wine and pig stomach. His parents owned a small vineyard however the vineyard to small to sustain the family whereas Fredrick became an apprentice at a barbershop in a near by town. Completing the apprenticeship, he returned to Kailistadt where he realized the town was too small for two barber however to make things worse Fredrick received a military draft notice. Unfortunately, for Fredrick, he chose to avoid the draft and immigrate to America (Europeans and the uneducated and/or ethical (Biden, Trump, and others) call the United States “America” however from the date of the British Defeat and the travel and recording in the international Courts by a US Delegation, our country is the United States. (A Quaker Delaware Delegate tasked to write the Articles of’ Confederation added “Of America” to the United States however the religious community did not and have not corrected the error. The United States does not have sovereignty over Canada,, Mexico or any of the other Americas.

NOTE: The late David Rockefeller and, today, his followers are attempting to make the United States, Canada,, and Mexico into “America” to emulate the European Union. Moreover, the current war in Ukraine is to make Ukraine a part of the European Union and NATO. Ukraine is not a democracy and is a nation of the Russian Federation. The money community want the former Bread Basket of the Soviet Union (Ukraine) to be part of the West’s stock market, etc.

Following Fredrick’s arrival in New York he learned of business opportunities in the western United States, Alaska, Canada, and British Columbia. To this end, like thousands before him he opened brothels, food places, bars, hostels, and other money making business to reach his goal of becoming wealthy, in which he succeeded.

Attaining his financial goal, he and his family returned to Germany however he was deported to the United States for his failure to honor his military obligation to Germany.

Frederick, his wife and son, Fred, arrived in New York and Frederick began his business opportunities. Sadly, Fredrick died of’ the Spanish Flu however his wife continued to make his business prosper until the son, Fred, assumed operational control of’ the business. Fred married and was the father of’ a number of’ children with one becoming a traitor, in my opinion, against the United States and that son was/is “Donald John Trump.”

Donald John Trump, according to research and public record, was trained to abuse the laws of the United States by the infamous New York Attorney Roy Cohen. The said training taught Trump to avoid paying his debts to contractors and any entity that did not have the money, time and effort to fight Trump in Court. Moreover, Trump learned from his television show, “The Apprentice” he could molest and even rape women without the fear of being arrested or tried in a court of law. Thankfully, Trump was convicted of physical assault (allegedly rape) and awaiting further negative results from the said assault. A number of Trump’s ventures have been closed by the court system and he has a trial pending by the New York Attorney General for Tax invasion. The State of Georgia arrested, booked, photographed his mug shot, and arraigned Trump for his interference in the 2020 Georgia National Election. Trump is also pending trials for the possession of classified military documents and the alleged attempt to deny the transfer of Presidential Administrations from the 2020 National Election. Also, there are other court activities against the United States which hopefully will result in additional jail time.

As a disabled military retiree and one hundred percent disabled veteran from the Vietnam Era and Pre-Gulf War anti-anthrax vaccination and anti-anthrax pills, I am knowledgeable of information, which is provable in a court of law and before a Congressional Committee, of his orders to assassinate the President of Syria but not executed and the orders to assassinate an Iranian Government Official/General that resulted in the traumatic brain injury of 109 US military which has been overlooked by the Department of Justice or the Congress of the United States. Also, he ordered US National Guard Units to secure and provide for the theft of Syrian Oil and declared to the International Community that Syria’s Golan Heights belonged to the State of Israel. There are photos and other documents showing Trump’s financial adventure to sale Syrian land in the Golan Heights as Trump Heights. Also, Trump bragged on national television of accepting one billion dollars to station US military at a remote military base to protect Saudi Oil Reserves. Worse, in my opinion, he protected the Saudi Crown Prince under fire for ordering the murder of a US journalist.

John Brown’s failure to understand the laws of the United States and the fact there have never been any GODS in the history of the universe was an educational failure. However, today Trump with certain Christian and Jewish groups identify Trump as the Messiah or Jesus even after 247 years of access to true science and history is worse. Too me, all religious zealots are traitors to the United States as they support religious entities whose published goal is to destroy all international governments and become the ruler of the international community.

During the Trump Administration, he moved the US Embassy From Tel Aiv to Jerusalem and committed treasonous acts against the United States in Favor of Israel.

Trump is a threat against the United States and the courts of the United States must convict him of insurrection. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW IN THE UNITED STATES.

There have never been GODS of Abraham.

Two traitors that attempted to overthrow the US Government. One hanged; the other’s life hangs with the court and the people.

CONGRESSIONAL SUGGESTION: When President George Washington reside as President and Commander In Chief of the Continental Army (US Armed Forces} he made multiple attempts to advise Congress the need to retire the title of Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces for the position was not one of a elected President of the United States. To this end, a Congressional Amendment to the US Constitution would end the probability of another Donald John Trump leading the Department of Defense and US Armed Forces. Congress should act as the true leaders of the US Government instead of members of a political party that cares more for power than assuring the prosperity of the United States.

Thank you, especially members of the internet censors.

With respect, I remain.

Billy Ray Wilson
Defender of the US Constitution

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