The Greatest International Crime Against Humanity: The Gods of Abraham

Recent archaeology finds in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia dis-spell Hebrew stories of Adam & Eve, Noah’s Flood and the Tower of Babel. To this end, French and Saudi archaeologist authenticated 120 thousand old fossilized footprints, ancient communities in Saudi Arabia and Jordan built by the same ethnic group and countless other movement factors of human and animal life forms from the African Continent across the Arabian Peninsula. The lies, fables, and untruths in the fabrication of the three Gods of Abraham were based on the teachings and guidance from Hebrew scammers. For example, the alleged Jesus could not read nor write whereas the author of the alleged Jesus writings were by Saul aka Paul whose travels and publicity turned his writings in to Christianity that plagues the world.

The founding of Islam is credited to an Arab name Muhammad however, in truth, Muhammad was befriended by a Hebrew and from this extreme close relationship they shared together in caves and elsewhere the thoughts and teachings of the Hebrew; I suggest it was the Hebrew’s guidance that prompted the revised version of the Bible to become the Islamic version of the Bible. (Jesus name is written more times than Muhammad plus the Saudi’s have a special burial tomb prepared for Jesus.) At the death of Muhammad’s friend,, his friend’s wealth, property was awarded to Muhammad. Also, Muhammad married one of his friend’s daughters.

Look! I personally do not care if you worship your big toe but the truth must be written and from the Big Bang; NO GODS, ESPECIALLY GODS OF ABRAHAM. Humans and other life forms evolved from evolution.

During my military career, I served in South Korea, Thailand, Laos, and the Philippines. In South Korea, Thailand and Laos the people;s religion was not one of military aggression or the take over of land of other indigenous tribesmen. The Thai and Lao are primarily Buddhist. In fact, my tour guide in Laos informed me, that Laos, although a Communist Control Nation, had 800 Buddhist Temples and 40,000 Buddhist Monks and that he had been a Monk for three years after the divorce of his parents. The Philippines, once a territory of Spain and the United States, the religion was primarily Catholic and other Christian churches therefore an aggressive religion. I’m sorry to say I didn’t search out the mountain tribesman religion.

You will note I have labeled the teachings of the God’s of Abraham (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) as being aggressive and warlike which is still confusing to me as I was taught the Palestinian named Jesus, the alleged Son of God) was a man of Peace, Compassion, and directed the distribution of life sustaining items to those in need. However, I recall the countless hours I was forced to attend Sunday & Sunday night services, Religious Revivals, Bible School, etc., where I was taught the aggression of Abraham the Hebrew’s travels, with collective family members and servants, from the City of Ur, in present day Iraq, to the land of Canaan (Palestine) with a goal of physically assuming the control of Canaan which allegedly was Abraham God”s Will/Direction to make the land of Canaan the future Nation – State of Israel.

For centuries following the alleged aggression in Canaan, the armies of Europe (Christian/Catholic) and the Middle East (Islam) fought many wars over control of Jerusalem and Canaan/Palestine whereas the wars/aggression seemed to diminish with little voice of a Jewish Nation State. Alas, in 1898, a member of the wealthy banking family known as the Rothschild funded and directed the establishment of an organization called Zionism. Zionism’s mission was to build a homeland, somewhere in the international community, that would be a homeland for the people of Judaism. The establishment of Zionism immediately set forth an international economic depression as many Jews immediately sold their homes, property, stocks/bonds and ended connection to their places of birth/homeland to migrate to the Land of Palestine to await a Jewish/Settlers Army to invade Palestine. (Golda Myerson, a school teacher from WI, sold out and moved to Palestine. In Palestine she changed her last name to Mier and later became Prime Minister. She was a terrorist against the British and a ruthless leader of a terrorist nation.

In the British Empire, another Rothschild, the owner of the Bank of England, World War I period, wrote a letter to the British Foreign Minister asking that a nation of Israel be established in Palestine to pay back the Empire’s Jewish population for their support to the British Empire during World War I. The British Minister complied with the Rothschild request and dispatched to the United Nations for compliance however there was negative support for the pursuit until a “White Paper” was included to the Nation-State Proposal that would include a State of Palestine along side the State of Israel.

Prior to the establishment of the State of Israel, the United Nations dispatched British military to Palestine which was known as the British Mandate to end the turmoil inside Palestine that would allow the establishment of the two nations. Unfortunately, due to the access to unlimited amounts of money, the Hebrew aka Jewish aka Israeli community under command of several Prime Ministers of Israel, the terrorist activities of these individuals/groups forced the withdrawal of the British Mandate forces.

Digressing: Following the establishment of Zionism, a international Jewish Meeting was held in New York City, New York where the Jewish community mandate several programs to expedite the establishment of the State of Israel of which one was to build an Jewish Army which allegedly funded and known as the Rothschild Jewish Army. The Jewish Army was docked at a Palestinian Port the day the British Mandate ended and later used to attack the peace loving people of Palestine. Sadly, our traitor former President Harry S. Truman recognized the murder and destruction of Palestine as the future nation of lsrael in 1948. Alas, through political intimidation and bribery, the United Nations recognized the Jewish occupied lands as the nation of Israel in 1949. Sadly, the State of Palestine has never been recognized, due to US Presidential Administrators receiving money and voting blocs from the Jewish and Christian community – traitors all. (I sued President Biden over the recognition of Palestine but the Court declared that had no say against the Federal Executive or Legislative Branches of the US Government.)


Recently, I had an Veterans Affairs directed medical evaluation at a Jellico, TN medical clinic and while there I met a retired US Army Sergeant Major that had served tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, during the illegal war, I asked it he thought we should have been there? He replied NO for Iraq but YES for Afghanistan. I asked him to explain why Afghanistan. He told one day he was having a meeting with his Afghanistan counterparts and one assigned told him as Muslims there would be no peace until the world was Muslim. I responded to the Sergeant Major, the answer by the Afghanistan, I suspect Taliban, was the same response for the followers of the three Gods of Abraham. For example, the goal of each God of Abraham is world domination with their God’s policies, programs, beliefs, discipline, etc dominant over the world.

Following the above conversation, I informed the Sergeant Major that I had taught Saudi Air Force Warrant Officers military Air Operations for approximately six years and four months under a United States State Department Foreign Sales Program until I learned from a visiting Pentagon Air Force Team the United States and Saudi Arabia were going to attack Iraq. The month and year for me was June 1989; I immediately resigned my lucrative position and returned to the United States unemployed and black listed. I had enough war in my life during my twenty year military career. August 1990, the United States and Saudi Arabia launched air strikes from my old Saudi Air Ba assignment.

Continuing with the story of Saudi Arabia to the Sergeant Major, I told him of the many conversations I had with the command structure of the No. 6, Royal Saudi Air Force F-15 Squadron, the squadron religious officer, the third country nationals working at the air base, Northrop, McDonnell Douglas employments population and the USAF Instructor Pilots and training evaluators regarding religion. With regards to Islam, I never once every met a Saudi or a Muslim third country national that I felt would kill himself or another person to support Islam. (Yes, there were probably a persons among the population of Saudi Arabia that would do harm to others for a price to support their families in the future. Amazingly, the Saudi population, in my opinion, at King Khalid Air Base, Khamis Mushayt, Asir Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were the same as my home town of London, Laurel County, the Commonwealth of Kentucky: the reason of their religious belief was because their grandmother or some other relative told them to believe in God. How sad all the deaths and destruction since the beginning of civilizations is because an uneducated relative told them. Sadly.

Religion in the United States is probably one of the best opportunities to make money by selling to a population lies, in many forms, and buying the votes of politicians to keep the lies alive; yet, without regarding to the destruction of lives and civilizations. For example, after we became the United States, payment to clergy and religious activities was to stop – no religion and state association however the treasonous politicians have allowed the states and federal government to continue the practice of government support to religion in some shape or form. Therefore, in the upcoming November elections a reader of this blog if truly is a loyal citizen of the United Stares then he or she will vote to remove all incumbents until you have a true United States politician, not a religious or other type traitor.

For the record: our country is the United States, not the United States of America (Per the original Treaty among the international nations.) We are not a democracy or a theocracy. IN FACT NO GODS. Regarding Gods, I hope to be alive when Aliens from one of the billions of planets arrive to show how little we are as a nation and a people. The religious community and the government of the United States are traitors.

Oh, according to the First Amendment you can worship your big toe or any entity but you do not have the right to support an entity that advocates the overthrow of the United States.

Thank you.

With respect, I remain.

Billy Ray Wilson
Defender of the US Constitution

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