Voter Guide 2022 Kentucky General Election

The subject multi-page VOTER GUIDE was received on October 28, 2022, Thvia the US Postal Service for which in my opinion, the providing agency provided a mandatory and critical source of information to assure our country’s prosperity and security.

Regarding the VOTER GUIDE, one will note that I, BILLY RAY WILSON, a Write in Candidate for the US Senate, was identified as “Did Not Survey.” Yes, the statement was correct however I did not receive a request to complete the survey due to either the survey completion date was prior to my registering as a Write In Candidate or bias by the Publisher of the Sentinel Echo and/or their parent organization. Hopefully, the cause was not the later.

Additionally, I completed an interview with a contracted Sentinel-Echo reporter which in my opinion could have been inserted into the VOTER GUIDE.

And, before I began the survey identified in the VOTER GUIDE, I make the following comments:

Our country, my home and, hopefully, your home with loyalty to same, is the United States of America. The reason I’m addressing the United States is that I’m alarmed at the news and entertainment media that address the United States as AMERICA. Yes, the United States is located on the North American continent along with Canada and Mexico and logically we, the Canadians, and Mexicans are Americans. However, the Canadians and Mexicans are not citizens of the United States nor am I a citizen of Canada or Mexico and, equally important, the government of the United States does not have sovereignty over the other cited nations.

Note: Several past years, I was the supervisor at a part-time employment position in Wyoming and one of the employees was a VISA legal Mexican citizen working in the United States in which many conversations on different subjects were addressed. To this end, in one of our conversations she stated she was an American. Yes, I responded but you are not a citizen of the United States.

FOR THE RECORD: Prior to our Independence from the British Empire, our section of North America was known as the” United Colonies” and after acknowledgement by the international community we were the “United States.” I have been unable to locate when and by whom legally added “of America.”

Our country’s form of government is a “Constitutional Republic,” where the people elect representatives to act in their stead in a national/state capital to establish the laws, policies, and regulations required to assure the prosperity and security of the homeland and, equally important, assure State’s Rights in the US Congress and mandatory Oversight of the Federal Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches of

And, as a Constitutional Republic, we are not a true democracy as in most cases, our representatives vote on nationally important changes that affect our day-to-day life whereas in a true democracy, the people vote on every bill, law or proposal that affect the nation. Examples of a democracy is visible in Kentucky’s 2022 General Election where the people will vote to ratify or deny Amendments One and Two. (In my opinion, response to both Amendments: NO!)

Lastly, for almost six thousand years, there have been individuals, groups, etc., that have been perpetuating a scam on the international community, especially in the United States, with their claim the Gods of Abraham; there are NO GODS OF ABRAHAM. (The Declaration of Independence used the word “CREATOR” however over the years, the religious community of the United States forced the government to make changes in our country’s profile with such changes as “In God We Trust” instead of “Out of Many-One.”)

Important note: The religious communities have destroyed every great civilization since man walked upright and the traitorous Republican Party incumbents and former traitor Donald J. Trump (Insurrection against the United States) returns, as President of the United States, in 2024. Should the Republican Party traitors and traitor Donald J. Trump become the governing Congress and President will result in our country having an authoritarian government based on untruths, ignorance, and power/greed.


“What’s your vision for Kentucky! How will the lives of Kentuckians be improved as a result of your time in office?

Answer: Kentucky was the 15th State of the United States and throughout our history Kentuckians have been a primary source of military forces every war or illegal hostile action since the United Colonies and, equally important, Kentuckians expect the US Constitution to reflect the will of the people whereas there must be multiple Constitutional Amendment to reflect the true posture of the United States; a nation of one people and under one flag – the Stars and Stripes.

Regarding the second question, I’m seeking a seat in the US Senate, a federal office, not a State Senator or other member of Kentucky’s State Government. My tenure in Washington will be one where I will seek to assure, with the support of the Senate Majority, State’s Rights; the Congressional Mandated Law, signed by the President of the United States, to assure Women’s Rights over their own body (the United States is not the pre-World War Government of Germany); Birth Control Medication, Birth Control Devices, Sex Education must be included in national education curriculum; there must be an end or mandatory review and revision of the 1913 Federal Reserve Charter; the end of the Executive Branch’s ability to deploy military forces in a hostile environment without a Congressional Declaration of War; the end to all economic and military support to the terrorist Nation State of Israel (Israel is a sovereign nation since 1949); recommend multiple Constitutional Amendments that would assure the continued sovereignty of the United States as a Constitutional Republic.

The United States must be a true, non-aggressive country where all US citizens can achieve whatever they seek by exerting labor, intellect or whatever is required; Kentuckians have the brain, physical and whatever power is required to succeed. We are Kentucky and the United States.

“Please clearly state your position on the following policies, then briefly provide an explanation of your positions:
1. Forgive student loan debt for all Americans. 2. Provide four weeks of paid family leave so people can care for themselves, a new child, or a close family member without losing income. 3. Raise the federal minimum wage to $15.00 / hour. 4. Extend the refundable Child Tax Credit that was given and then then taken away by Congress in 2021.”

One is NO. Too me, states must fund two years of college or vocational school; a four-year college or grad school pay is the responsibility of the student. Forgive me but I know from my 3S years of government employment the need for a true education to assure the prosperity and security of the United States but too many citizens abuse the school system and demean the title of a college or higher graduate. For example, if you reside in an area with limited positions then one should not major in a career where jobs are not available or graduation and move to another state or seek foreign employment. There’s no reason for unemployment in the United States.

Two and four-NO. Just like the government has no right to dictate a Women’s Right to become pregnant or not; the government has not right to force taxpayers to raise another person’s child.

Three -Yes. One can’t survive anywhere in the United States on the presents federal pay scale without the assistance of a parent, a live-in, friend or some type of government assistance. Workers must be paid a fair wage, medical benefits, and retirement other than Social Security.

“Do support Medicare for All? Please explain. What actions are needed to make sure every Kentuckian has quality, affordable health care?”

I support the original concept of Medicare, just as the Department of Veterans for those individuals that borne the battle, care for their widows and orphans, but not the current government plan, designed by the insurance companies (Owned by the Federal Reserve Banks.) Too me, an employer should pay for one’s health care and future retirement if not, the individual must seek employment that provides the income to pay for health care. Our country was not founded to support the people; you either worked or some other citizen paid for your subsistence – not the people’s responsibility. One must work and/or cease & detest in making babies unless you can support them throughout.

“How would you strive to grow our democracy and give more people access to voting and having their voices heard? For example, do support restoring voting rights to Kentuckians with felonies in their past? Do you support the Freedom of Vote John R. Act?”


Revise schoolbooks and teaching curriculum the responsibility of every citizen to vote in every election to assure we continue as a Constitutional Republic. Education must be based on truths, not fiction and scams.

Yes, the former prisoners paid their debt to society and should be able to vote to fulfill their Constitutional responsibilities.

Yes, there should never have been a need for the John R. Lewis Act; we are all citizens of the United States.

“What steps will you take to protect young LGBTQ people from abuse and discrimination and to end violence against LGBTQ people, particularly trans women of color?”

Continue to write, speak, and campaign regarding the GODS OF ABRAHAM Scams that state a God created the universe, mankind, etc.; life forms evolved from yet unknown sources. NO GODS.

“What are you prepared to take to protect reproductive freedom for people who live in Kentucky and other states with laws restricting access to abortion care?”

Answer: Same as above. Mankind evolved, not an entity’s image.

Sorry, I skipped the following:

“Do you support comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship? What are your plans to welcome immigrants and refugees and expand support and resources for people, whether they are documented or not?


Immigration should be similar for the work force during World War 11; they came completed their contract and return to their homeland.

Immigrants and refugees should be based on the needs of the United States, not the religious community and corporations.

No individual should be in the United States Undocumented.

“What role should Congress play in advancing racial justice for Black and indigenous people and opposing to white supremacy? Please identify at least two policies initiatives that would propose while in office to address systemic racism.”

Answers:Congress should declare to the international community, especially the United States, every human being is equal and that no ethnic group has been spared abuse, etc., and it’s time for all people to be part of mankind and end wars and hostilities based on religious scams and the pursuit of power and greed.

Laws should be passed to end acknowledging US citizens as hyphenated, dual loyalty, religious pre or suffix, ancestral, etc.; you’re either a US citizen or not.

NO GODS OF ABRAHAM or any other GODS. Earth was formed from a Big Bang period.

“If elected,what will you do to end mass incarceration and invest resources to improve the well-being of communities most affected? (Context: Kentucky has the sixth highest incarceration rate in the nation, higher than any country in the world outside the United States. Mass incarcerations has a disproportionate impact on Black and Brown Kentuckians and low-income folks due to practices that make it more likely for people of color to be searched, arrested, detained, charged, convicted, and harshly sentenced.)


Previously answered. You are a US citizen, and it is your responsibility to earn a living and obey the laws of the United States. Yes, I understand the frustration as individuals such as the traitors Donald J. Trump and Republican Party are making our justice system a laughingstock around the world and must be indicted and if convicted for TREASON – EXECUTED. Every US citizen has had bad times in their lives but individuals with integrity get up and become part of a fruitful United States.

I realize I may have offended individuals residing in our country as citizens who have no loyalty to the United States and during the history of the United States demand a theocracy instead of a Constitutional Republic: my country is the United States.

Billy Ray Wilson
Defender of the United States Constitution

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